Looking to lose a few pounds? Studies show that a large percentage of success on a weight loss program depends upon support from others, and a sense of community. It’s almost as important as the food you eat! We need a sense of community when we are on a weight loss plan because it helps to be regularly reminded that you are not the only one trying to change habits to achieve a goal. In less than 1 week we will be starting another 28-Day Slim Down Challenge and YOU have the chance to join us, get lots of advice and encouragement from our Hotze Vitamins community, and finally see results at the end.

After you join the challenge, don’t forget to order your 28-Day Slim Down Kit. After you receive it, follow the step-by-step guide that comes in the kit package. This guide is nutritionist designed to provide easy to follow instructions and key tips for success. The kit also comes with daily supplements to help enhance results as well as a slimming protein powder that makes meal time easy.  

You will get DAILY emails along the way to guide you, encourage you, motivate you, and give you new ideas. There are 20 recipes in the guide book alone! You also have access to certified nutritionists once you join the program. Wondering if butternut squash is allowed? Call Jackie and she will guide you in the right direction. Trying to decide if your daily walk is enough to work off enough calories to lose weight? Call Jonathan to see what he thinks. He’s our nutrition and fitness specialist. Having a supportive, knowledgeable staff is part of what helps us provide you with an effective weight loss program.

The 28-Day Slim Down guide book will walk you through what types of food you can and should eat on a daily basis. You will have a list of what you CAN eat and a list of what NOT to eat. Eating the right foods is KEY to weight loss, so we find this list of foods to be a valuable part of the guide. Focus on what you can eat, not on what you can’t. Go to the grocery store as soon as possible and start to stock up on the good stuff. Get the bad stuff OUT of the house.

Each kit comes with a guide book, 28 days of vitamin packs for slimming effects*, protein powder, and a handy tote bag to store it all in. Ordering the kit is important, and the earlier you order the better chance we will have everything in stock. 

Here is a list of supplements that will be in your Slim Down Vitamin Packs:

  • CLA
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Bodyworks Plus
  • Fiber Blend
  • Detox Formula
  • Chromium Chelate
  • Pure Pea Protein

This is how the supplements work:

CLA helps burn fat. It’s a healthy triglyceride and it very slightly increases metabolism of fat, particularly in the mid section. It’s very popular and effective, especially when combined with any amount of fitness routine. In 2-3 weeks most people will notice about 5 pounds difference (if you take it daily).

Green Coffee Bean Extract helps regulate blood sugar. When your blood sugar is too high, your body will burn sugar for energy before it will burn fat. You want it to burn the fat, so by lowering the blood sugar you are increasing the chances that it will. It can also improve energy and reduce mental fatigue. 

Dr. Hotze’s Bodyworks Plus is a special slimming formula with Garcinia Cambogia which helps reduce hunger. Reducing caloric intake is important when you are trying to achieve visibly slimming results. The formula has other elements and they all work together to help your metabolism work more efficiently.

Fiber Blend helps clean out your gut, helps reduce and regulate blood sugar, and helps move fat through your system. All of these qualities of fiber make it one of the top supplements for weight loss. Getting the recommended 25-30 grams of fiber daily isn’t easy, so sometimes a fiber supplement is helpful.

Dr. Hotze’s Detox Formula has several components that help support liver detoxification. This helps to remove chemicals and impurities from your system, which can slow down metabolism. A clean system supports a faster metabolism.

Chromium Chelate is a trace mineral that’s  important for blood sugar regulation and glucose uptake in the cell. If you struggle with metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes this can be especially helpful for general health. You can also add a little bit of organic cinnamon to your foods for another little boost of blood sugar regulation.

Besides the vitamins in the packet, the kit will also have the Pure Pea Protein Powder. Pure Pea Protein is VERY healthy to add into your slimming plan.  It’s completely plant based and pure with 20 grams of protein. It even has a natural sweetener and no sugar. An increase of protein in your eating plan will help burn fat, but a plant based protein like Pure Pea will also help reduce inflammation and improve overall health. 

Imagine being at your class reunion or laying on the beach this summer, feeling HAPPY to have finally lost the weight. You can do this. The 28-Day Slim Down Challenge can help. Don’t forget that the single MOST important predictor of success on a slim down plan is support from others and a sense of community, so if you haven’t registered yet, be sure to join today.

 *Results are always better when you take the supplements as recommended, drink plenty of water, and do 30 minutes of cardio or weight bearing exercise daily.