Would you do just about anything NOT to catch the latest virus being passed around? Yeah, we thought so. Being sick is a drag. You miss out on socializing, get behind at work and school, and suffer uncomfortable symptoms to boot. You try eating an apple or orange, or taking a low dose vitamin every few days, and it’s not working. At this point you get frustrated and maybe even get sicker. You reluctantly go to the family doctor and get put on antibiotics, and then your stomach also starts hurting. Isn’t medicine supposed to help? 

Why not skip it all and just stay healthy? A healthy immune system is an impenetrable barrier with a huge army of defenders, just daring any viruses or bacteria to try to enter. Think the Great Wall of China. The problem is, we let our immune systems get run down by being stressed, eating sugar, and not detoxing as often as we should. Our Great Wall of China becomes more like a falling fence. Invaders penetrate, we get sick, and then the cycle begins. The great news is that there are a few easy immune boosters that can strengthen your immune system naturally. 

Here are 3 Immune Boosters to add to your routine ASAP: 

1 Colloidal Silver is a high quality liquid silver in suspension and is a natural antimicrobial. That means is kills viruses, bacteria and fungus in one swoop. It’s very effective and safe. Put 1 teaspoon in water twice a day and drink up. You can even use it topically should you need a topical antibiotic. Hundreds of our customers have raved to us about the effectiveness of our Natural Path Silver Wings Colloidal Silver for anything from the common cold to pink eye or even the flu or a stomach bug. Be careful though, not just any brand will do. It’s important to only use a 250 ppm silver from a brand you trust (like Natural Path Silver Wings). 

2 Curcumin Ultimate is the most pure and effective curcumin supplement on the market. Curcumin is the most popular of the antioxidant compounds found in turmeric, and is famous for its detoxing capabilities. It supports a stronger immune system by detoxing the liver. It also lowers inflammation and helps lower pain as well as ibuprofen does. 

3 Colostrum Complete  is a bovine colostrum supplement which is mother’s first milk. It contains nutritional, immune and growth factors that all work together to help rebuild a stronger immune system and a healthy body. It can also help heal leaky gut syndrome and may heal gluten intolerance.

The 3 items listed above can be taken together, and can also be taken in most cases if you are already sick. They should help you get better faster. Also, keep taking Vitamin C and Vitamin D daily, and take a good Probiotic. As much as 60% of your immune system is contained in your gut which is where probiotics live. 

Another easy way to build your immune system is to drink a lot of water. Water can help flush out invaders and supports healthy detox. Drink plenty of water through the day. You can even add fresh lemon slices to your water to encourage yourself to drink more, and the lemon oil will help flush viruses and bacteria. Water is called the “master nutrient” because it helps all of the other nutrients in your system circulate better, so drink up. 

All of these supplements, and the water too, will help rebuild that Great Wall of China in no time. Call 800-579-6545 to talk with a nutritionist at Hotze Vitamins if you still have questions about which supplements are right for you, but the important thing is to take care of you and take action today. You never know which invaders will be testing your immune system in the near future. Now is the time to build a strong immune system so you CAN skip the sick days and focus on the ones you love and enjoy your spring and summer days. You will never regret taking care of yourself and the ones you love.