Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Have you gotten off to a rocky start? Have you been trying to eating healthy and exercise, but aren’t seeing those numbers on the scale budge at all? You are wondering how you are going to get the weight loss results you’re looking for.

We can help! Here are some of our top suggestions on how to jump start your weight loss journey.

1. Our Top 6 Supplement Picks for Weight Loss

Why is it that losing weight such a difficult thing to do? So many people struggle with this frustrating problem. There are countless weight loss programs, eating plans and supplements to help shed those extra pounds. Which ones really work? How do you know where to start? Click here to discover our top supplement picks for weight loss.

2. Eat More Protein

Successful weight loss is all about focusing on what you should eat, rather than on what you should not. You may already know that protein is one of those important nutrients to focus on for slimming down, but do you know why? Understanding why can help you keep your focus sharp and your results stellar. Discover the two major benefits of protein for weight loss.

3. Eat More Good Fat

You've been told for years how bad fats can be for your heart, your waist and your overall health. So naturally, besides an avocado here or a little olive oil there, you've pretty much eliminated it from your diet altogether. But now we know better. Good fats, it turns out, can actually be your best friend when you're trying to shed a few pounds. Find out why you should eat more good fat to help you lose weight.

4. Eat Yeast-Free

Adopting a yeast-free eating program, where you cut out sugar and simple carbs, has helped many people lose weight. It also helps decrease bloating. Besides weight loss, discover other reasons to eat yeast-free and how you can get started today. 

Watch as Dr. Hotze and Dr. Ellsworth discuss how eating yeast-free can help with weight loss and improve your overall health.

Certified Holistic Nutritionists to Help You

If you have any questions at all about your specific needs for weight loss, or any other health concerns, please call our Certified Holistic Nutritionists today at 800-579-6545. It will be our privilege to serve you.

Hotze Healthy Meals

Do you have a really busy schedule and need help preparing yeast-free meals? How would you like to have organic, yeast-free meals delivered directly to your door? Well, now you can with Hotze Healthy Meals! Click here to order delicious yeast-free meals today.