Hey Dad, are you going to the bathroom more than usual? Maybe you have also had prostate pain, but haven’t called the doctor yet? We know why. It’s because Dad is our hero and he’s never supposed to be down and out, but it’s time to take care of it before it gets worse! Soon the pain will disrupt sleep, which causes daytime energy problems, trouble concentrating, and low moods.

June is Men’s Health Month, which means it’s a great time to focus on something really important to Dad…prostate health. 1 in 4 men between ages 40 to 50 will get prostate cancer. Infections are even more common. All prostate issues, whether cancer or an infection, are painful and will leave a man doing research on what he can do to prevent a recurrence. It is good to do your research, because 1 in 39 men will die of prostate cancer. The statistics are a little scary, especially for Dad, but there’s no need for fear. The best thing to do is to help dad be as healthy as he can. Lifestyle changes, healthy eating and the best supplements on the market can do a lot to help Dad lower risk of prostate cancer and feel great in the process.

In fact, there are several natural ingredients that have been shown to help improve prostate health. Dad works hard and needs great sleep. He doesn’t have time to be sick! Here are a few ingredients to look for to make sure Dad’s prostate is well taken care of.  All of these ingredients happen to be in Dr. Hotze’s Prostate Pro supplement designed for optimal prostate health.

We are diving into each ingredient in Dr. Hotze’s Prostate Pro to show you how effective the formula is. The science is there. Our guests are raving about how well it works. We just want to get the information out there, because there’s no need for Dad to suffer prostate pain. 

5 Nutrients for Optimal Prostate Health

Phytosterol Complex. Phytosterols like Beta Sitosterol are naturally occurring compounds found in plant cell membranes. They have been shown to improve urine flow and urinary symptoms. (1). Generally, this is one of the ways eating a plant-based diet helps relieve prostate pain, but this concentrated form of nutrition in Dr. Hotze’s Prostate Pro formula is targeted for relieving prostate symptoms. Phytosterols are also antioxidants that can help lower LDL cholesterol.

Saw Palmetto Extract. Saw Palmetto is a type of palm tree berry extract that has been used for centuries to support a healthy prostate. It works in several ways, some of which are thought to be its anti-androgenic, anti-estrogenic and anti-inflammatory effects. Saw palmetto can also help regulate hair growth and reduce acne.

Graminex G63 (flower pollen extract) has been shown to be effective to help reduce the size of an enlarged prostate from BHP. (2)  This specialized preparation of flower pollen extract contains many nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Its effects are anti-inflammatory and anti-congestive. It works by interrupting the arachidonic acid cascade (which would normally produce inflammatory substances like prostaglandins).

Pumpkin Seed Extract. You may have heard that pumpkin is good for men’s health. It’s good for anyone’s health, but the extract is particularly great for men’s health. Pumpkin seed has been shown to decrease international prostate symptom scores within 3 months of taking it. (3)

Boswellia Serrata is a medium to large branching tree found in the dry, mountainous regions of India, Africa and theMmiddle East. Its gum extract has been used for centuries as a potent antioxidant with many benefits. This includes lowering inflammation that can cause prostate pain.

So just remember, these wonderful nutrients are all found in Dr. Hotze’s Prostate Pro formula, plus a few more, and when taken as the label suggests, they can be helpful with maintaining a healthy prostate.

There are also a few lifestyle changes to consider that will help improve prostate health:

1) Stop eating sugar. Sugar increases inflammation and can make prostate issues worse. We recommend eating sugar-free as often as you can for general health and well-being, but you should most especially stop eating sugar if you are having prostate pain. Like right now. If you have trouble giving up sugar or refined carbs, go ahead and work with a certified nutritionist. Professional guidance can help you let go of addictive food substances like sugar.

2) Eat your veggies. Eating a low-inflammation diet helps ease pain, which means eating lots of fruits and especially vegetables. Make sure you are eating 5-9 servings of fruits or veggies every day. If you are having trouble envisioning how to fit that in your eating plan, start by removing the stuff you should not be eating, like sugar, and see what’s left. Fill in the holes with fruits and veggies. Organic meats and dairy products should be consumed in moderation, because they can cause inflammation which would increase pain. A plant-based diet almost always help pain issues.

3) Go have fun...outside. Studies show that more leisure time physical activity for men equalled fewer prostate infections.  (4) This is a great reason to go camping, swimming, play basketball with the guys, or just go on a walk after dinner with your wife. Your prostate will appreciate it!

Dad’s health is critical for the whole family, and it’s well worth taking the time to protect it. If Dad also needs a good multivitamin, and not just a prostate supplement, he can try the My HotzePak Men’s Basics Plus Prostate Pro for an even more comprehensive approach to better health.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!