Springtime is here, and although the flowers are beautiful, it brings with it unwanted cold symptoms and allergies. Pollen is everywhere and cold germs are on everyone. Staying well this time of year feels like a constant battle, because it is! If you have found yourself with symptoms of allergies or a cold-like sore throat, drainage, cough, or a headache, then you are looking for relief, and fast. Being sick affects your energy, mood, productivity, and generally makes life harder. We think you will get well much sooner with just a few natural immune-boosting tips. 

5 Tips to Beat a Cold and Allergies Naturally 

1. Stop eating refined sugar immediately. Sugar lowers your immune system by competing for the nutrients your body needs to keep your immune system strong and healthy. It’s hard to stop eating sugar, not only because it tastes good, but also because it’s added to just about everything, so you will have to read labels closely. Be on the lookout for added sugar in foods like yogurt, granola bars, tomato-based sauces or soups, protein bars, canned fruit, and any type of dessert. Also, just about any type of drink has sugar added. Stick as close to whole foods as possible. You don’t have to avoid everything sweet, but stick to natural sweeteners approved on the Yeast-Free Eating Program like Sweet-N-Natural. It tastes great, doesn’t spike blood sugar, and you can even use it to make muffins. Yum!

2. Take extra vitamins. Vitamins C and D have both been shown to boost the immune system, and can both be helpful when you are sick. 

  • Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system so that it can appropriately respond to whichever invader or foreign substance it’s exposed to.(1) With a cold, vitamin D helps upregulate the immune system and protects against infections. In the past, sunlight was thought to cure tuberculosis, but now we know that it was the vitamin D from the sunlight that helped beat the infection. This is helpful when you have drainage and are at risk of a sinus or ear infection. Be careful with doses, though. You can’t take the 5,000 iu vitamin D soft gels unless you have had your blood levels checked and been shown deficient. If you haven’t had a blood test, go with 2,000 iu daily until you can get tested.
  • Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine, so it helps dry up drainage and reduces inflammation. It also helps refuel the adrenal glands and improves energy.
  • The Get Well Soon Pack contains all the extra vitamins you need, plus zinc, probiotic blend, colostrum capsules, allibiotic, and colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a natural antimicrobial liquid. Ask your doctor about specific doses or use the dose instructions on the bottles.

3. Get more sleep. Try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier, not only because being sick can make you more tired than usual, but also because your body needs it for rest and recovery. If you can manage to get just a little bit of extra sleep, you give your immune system an important advantage, which can help you get better faster. If you have trouble getting to sleep, try our top rated Dr. Hotze’s Sleep Formula with valerian, melatonin and l-tryptophan. 

4. Eat more fruits and veggies. Add one extra serving of an organic fruit or vegetable at each meal. This increases your antioxidant status which then helps boost your immune system. The brighter colored fruit or veggie, the better. For breakfast you can add a handful of blueberries. For lunch, you can add red bell pepper to your salad, and for dinner, add a side of broccoli. Doctor up your veggies with a little bit of olive oil or butter and spices. The better it tastes, the more likely you are to eat it. Also, be sure to eat your fruits and veggies first, so you don’t get full on carbs or refined foods with little to no nutritional value. Eating extra fruits and veggies is one of the best ways to take care of yourself when you are sick. 

5. Drink more water. Hydration is critical for recovering quickly from a cold or allergies. It not only helps nutrients circulate, but also soothes a sore throat and can reduce headache pain. In order to get enough water to drink, be sure to keep a full water bottle close at all times. Make sure your drink choice is mostly water and does not contain caffeine. Warm tea can be very soothing and comforting. You also may enjoy a cool spritzer, just squeeze a lemon or lime into a glass with club soda and ice. Don’t forget to take your vitamin C!

Recovering from a cold or allergies naturally may take a few days, but hang in there. Going the natural route with the tools mentioned above is definitely the way to go. Taking over-the-counter cold remedies will help treat symptoms, but it’s actually not good for your immune system, so they don’t help you get better. Natural solutions work with your body to help improve your immune system and beat the virus or infection you are battling, which, we promise, will also help your symptoms get better. Going the natural route is the wisest route when it comes to long-term health and wellness, because it works best to get you well and keep you well. We hope you feel better soon!