At the end of the day, do you practically fall into bed from exhaustion? Was your work day really hard to get through because you were so tired? Sometimes we think it’s normal to be tired at the end of a busy day, and it can be, but we should question “normal” and trade it for optimal. What would you do with one more hour of energy in your day? How about two or three?  In most cases, with just a few small changes, you can have substantially more energy. The issues is, sometimes you can become unaware that your daily habits can often decrease energy rather than increase it. Being aware of how choices impact your energy level is the first step towards making successful decisions for optimal health. 

Every choice you make either increases or decreases your energy level. If you decide to fuel your body with what it needs to increase energy, then you get more energy. These would be simple things like water, whole foods, vitamins, healthy proteins and fats. If you consume food or drinks that damage your nutrition status, like sodas, cakes, cookies, candy or doughnuts, then you get less energy. You can also increase your energy level by getting enough rest and being reasonably active during the day. Sometimes it’s easy to know what will increase or decrease your energy, and sometimes what works can surprise you. 

Driving by the coffee bar? One or two small cups of coffee are ok, and they can give you a nice energy boost for your body and your brain, but more than two cups of coffee in one day can damage your adrenal glands which can then cause low energy. If you like coffee, make it a daily habit to stop drinking it after 1-2 cups, and take your high-quality vitamins with a big protein shake instead. It may not be until midmorning that you get it all down, but it’s a great way to rehydrate, refuel nutrients and get your body ready for a long, productive day. A low sugar, high protein shake with added veggies and fruit can fuel your body for hours. 

Are you sitting because you are tired, or are you tired because you are sitting? Research shows that just a ten minute walk can increase energy for up to two hours. That’s a pretty good return on investment for your time. Sitting at your desk may be the reason you are tired. Get up, walk around and take a few deep breaths. Sometimes it’s hard to pull away from the work on the screen, but you will feel much better. Whether it’s a walk on your lunch break or a longer morning workout, or both, make physical activity a priority. You will feel your energy level increase. 

Ready for a snack? Be careful what you reach for. Most protein bars and “high energy” snacks are full of sugar. They may have given you energy when you were younger, but now they probably make you tired, so, don’t eat them. Keep high-protein, low-sugar, naturally-sweetened protein bars in your desk for quick access. This keeps you “in the zone” and ready for the rest of your day. You can also stock up on nuts or dried veggies. Read all labels and avoid preservatives, dyes and chemicals, as these can eventually make you more tired and increase chances of cancer and heart disease. 

Fall is such a fun time of year, and our to-do list fills up fast. Do you remember the last time you had really great energy to get the pre-holiday checklist done? Did you wake up smiling, ready to greet the day and get things done? We all love those days, and you have probably had more of them as a younger person. As we age, our energy level becomes a little bit more of a challenge to maintain. This can actually make the holidays more stressful and harder to get through. The lower energy as you age is mostly due to an increased toxic load. It’s possible to decrease your toxic load and increase energy, but it takes positive actions. Fall is the perfect time to plan ahead to make good, healthy choices which can help you have great energy just like when you were younger. 

There’s fascinating science behind your energy level, and it will take you all the way into a human cell, where energy is manufactured. Meet the mitochondria, which is an organelle inside every cell of the human body.


It’s where energy is made. Without energy, we don’t do all the stuff we need to do, including breathing and our heart beating. Mitochondria creates ATP that the cell can use for energy. Past the basic energy we need to survive, healthy mitochondria can help us have optimal energy to live our fullest life. 

With healthy mitochondria, you can have an excellent energy level. You can have more energy to go to the gym and workout longer. Your body can have the energy to fight disease. You can have more energy in the evening to talk to your family members and catch up with your spouse. You can even have more brain energy to do things like study for a new certification or graduate school. Maybe you just want more energy to be able to make dinner without feeling tired, and it may surprise you what healthy mitochondria can do. 

Here are 5 tips to have healthier mitochondria for optimal energy:

  1. Eat fat. Go keto and use fat and protein for fuel versus carbohydrates. Too many carbs over a long period of time can lower your energy level and damage the mitochondria. This includes cakes, candy, cookies, pizza, bread, pasta, and pies. High quality, organic fat is a much cleaner energy source for mitochondrial function, especially in the brain.
  2. Take PQQ. This stands for pyrroloquinoline. PQQ Advance, from Hotze Vitamins, can actually help heal mitochondria as well as help produce more mitochondria. This process is called mitochondrial biogenesis, and PQQ Advance supports it. This is especially helpful in the brain where mitochondria are very concentrated. As PQQ improves brain health, memory and recall are improved. Wow, what would you do with more energy and a better memory?
  3. Get out into the sun, or use a light lamp. Sunlight has a charging effect on our mitochondria. It creates a negative charge on the mitochondrial wall which boosts function. Most of us have felt the energy boost when we go outside on a sunny day. You can get similar effects with a light lamp.
  4. Get moving. One 10 minute walk can increase energy for 2 hours. Daily, strenuous exercise can greatly increase your energy level and help improve mitochondrial health.
  5. Take the PowerPak, which includes magnesium and B vitamins. Over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body are dependent upon magnesium, including ATP -related enzymatic reactions which create energy.  Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak is a packet of vitamins specially designed to increase your energy level, as well as support a healthy heart. 

Here are a few energy killers. Avoid these as much as you can!

  1. Eating sugar causes nutrient deficiencies which negatively affect mitochondrial function. Every gram of sugar you ingest takes about three times more magnesium to metabolize it.
  2. Not drinking enough water causes dehydration, which is one of the most common causes of fatigue.
  3. Taking the wrong vitamins that have fillers, chemicals and dyes can cause cellular toxicity which can actually make you more tired.
  4. Sitting. Sitting is the new smoking, and it can cause your body to downshift its metabolism since it doesn’t see the need to increase energy. Why would it? You don’t need a lot of energy to sit.

 Improving energy is as easy as being aware of how choices effect how you feel, and making as many good choices as you can. Set a goal today to take action toward better energy. Our #1 tip, if you already are taking Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak, is to take the PQQ Advance for a month and experience for yourself how much more energy you will have. It really helps!