Did you know that eating meat exposes you to the toxins, hormones or chemicals that the animal was exposed to? Not just turkey, but every piece of meat has a little bit of the vaccinations the animal had, the pesticides in the food it ate, and the hormones it was given. It’s a little disturbing, but it is true. It’s something to keep in mind around the holidays when we eat more food in general, especially meats. We do not endorse everyone giving up meat altogether, but we are endorsing being aware of the dangers that can lurk in cheap meat products. Just because meat is a great source of protein doesn’t mean it’s always a healthy choice. You have to choose the healthiest meat possible. 

Here are a few guidelines for healthy meat selection:

  1. Eat organic. This means the animal was not given foods with pesticides, or administered hormone supplements or antibiotics.
  2. Free-range is the best way to go for poultry, otherwise the chicken is at higher risk for infection.
  3. Grass-fed beef is healthiest, because cows were not made to ingest corn, which is what some ranchers are feeding them. A grass/hay diet for cows is ideal because that’s what they were made to eat. It also gives the beef amazing flavor and causes the meat to have a natural omega-3 nutrient content. 

So, how do you know if your meat is organic, pure and high quality? Most restaurants aren’t serving organic meats, because it tends to be more expensive, so if you eat out often, you are probably eating meat that’s not organic. The highest quality meats are usually the meats you are getting from a grocery store marked USDA organic, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken. You can find organic meat in restaurants, but it’s not standard, so you have to ask for it. Also, unless your family member is extremely health conscious, the turkey made at Thanksgiving to share with everyone probably wasn’t organic.

But organic meat is expensive. Sometimes it’s more than twice the price of regular meats in the grocery store and just as expensive in a restaurant. This begs the question…why pay more?

Here’s why. There are dangerous toxins in any meat that’s not organic.  It’s such a dangerous situation that it’s giving people cancer, heart disease and diabetes. These are all diseases of inflammation that result from eating way too much meat with too much extra stuff.

Here are 5 toxins in inorganic meats: 

  1. Hormones that were given to the animal will be in the meat of the animal. The hormones then go into your bloodstream and cause an imbalance in your hormones. Just for the record, hormones are banned for poultry in the United States, so there’s at least one way your Thanksgiving turkey was good to you.
  2. Antibiotics that were given to the animal to prevent infections will go into your bloodstream. This can easily cause gut imbalance because the antibiotics from the animal will kill the good bacteria in your gut. This leaves not only your gut health, but also your mental health and immune system, at risk.
  3. Air pollution is hard for anyone to avoid, including animals. Eating meat means you eat everything the animal was exposed to. This toxic element of meat is something not even the organic meats can avoid.
  4. Corn and soy are the most typical foods given to feedlot cows. There is a likely possibility that the corn or soy can be genetically modified. This instantly links consumption of the beef to cancer.
  5. Vaccinations are given to just about any animal that will be sold for meat. Turkeys in particular are given vaccinations at 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, and 15 weeks old. These are the turkeys that are going to be sold for meat. The turkeys used for breeding continue to get vaccinations until they are 28 weeks old. (1)

These harmful “extras” in animal products and meat are the reason why more and more people are trying plant-based diets. A plant-based diet avoids the toxins in the meats, and studies are showing that eating 100% plant based is healthier than eating meats full of hormones, pesticides and antibiotics.

You can still eat meat and be healthy, but you have to eat organic meats. However, it’s really hard to eat totally pure meats every time you eat meat, so if you are a “meat eater,” you should consider that you are exposed to more toxicity than someone eating a plant-based diet. Because of this, you need a plan to detox regularly.

The best detox plan has two parts: 

1) Take high quality vitamins daily, because vitamins helps support daily detox processes. This helps to protect you from the daily onslaught of toxins and chemicals you are exposed to, whether you know it or not. 

2) Do a 14-Day Detox at least once per year for a total system reset. This helps support optimal liver and lymph node function to support better health year-around.

The 14-Day Detox kit makes it easy to totally reset your system and detox your body from the inside out. It’s the most effective detox plan because it includes nutrients for optimal phase 1 and phase 2 detox. Basically, that means that the detox plan will clean out your gut and get into your bloodstream to help detox every cell of your body. It’s an amazing plan, and amazingly easy. 

The kit comes with:

  • a super helpful 14-day guide
  • Pure Pea Protein Powder contains plant based protein to help lower inflammation and heal the gut. Protein also helps facilitate detox processes.
  • Pure Cleanse Detox powder contains nutrients like magnesium, L-glutathione and dandelion extract which all help support optimal detox.
  • My HotzePak Detox vitamin packs with amino acids and enzymes to support phase 1 and phase 2 detox.

It’s worth noting here that the sooner you can order the kit, the better. Let’s just say that after Thanksgiving (or any holiday), it’s in high demand.

Here’s what you do after you get your kit:

1) Read the guide. It tells you exactly what to do. It helps you to understand how detox can help your health (more energy, better moods, better gut health, etc), and it even gives you lots of recipes and food ideas.

2) Grocery shop using the guide as a reference. Set a start date. 

3) Get started making the detox protein shakes for 2 meals a day, and then have a delicious yeast-free meal for dinner.

4) Start feeling amazing after just 3-4 days. You will have more energy, sleep better, and feel mentally sharper and happier.

One of the things you were likely thankful for at Thanksgiving was your health. It’s important to protect it by having a plan to cleanse your body of the toxins and chemicals that can build up in your body and cause issues. If you are low in energy, gassy, bloated, or not sleeping well this holiday season, do yourself a favor and do the 14-Day Detox as soon as possible. If you order soon you can have it done before Christmas!