Dr. Hotze recommends it, your friends are talking about it, and maybe you’ve even done it before; detoxification is all the rage for good reasons. How many reasons do you need? Here’s 50.

50 Benefits of Detoxification

  1. Increases afternoon energy level
  2. Anti-aging effects
  3. Weight loss
  4. Reduces allergy symptoms, and in some cases, eliminates allergies
  5. Improves thyroid function
  6. Improves progesterone balance
  7. Healthier, stronger nails
  8. Improves estrogen level and protects against breast cancer
  9. Better memory
  10. Improves nutrient status which helps fight stress
  11. Reduces brain cancer risk
  12. Teaches better eating choices for healthier habits in the future
  13. Creates an improved sense of well-being
  14. Helps flatten tummy
  15. Helps clear up acne and skin issues
  16. Supports improved metabolism
  17. Helps regulate blood sugar
  18. Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes
  19. Fall asleep faster
  20. Improves quality of sleep
  21. Helps you to feel more rested when you wake up, and be able to wake earlier
  22. Improves focus for improved results when reading, learning or working
  23. Helps men’s hormone balance like testosterone, for better sense of well-being and stronger drive
  24. Clears brain fog which can cause forgetfulness and low moods
  25. Stronger, longer hair (within a few weeks)
  26. Reduces heart attack risk
  27. Strengthens arteries
  28. Reduces lung cancer risk
  29. Improves vision
  30. Reduces pain in back and hips through lowered inflammation
  31. Improves and speeds up wound healing
  32. Boosts the immune system
  33. Improves skin tone
  34. Increases brain energy
  35. Saves money on doctors visits and medicine that you would have had to pay for if you had gotten sick
  36. Detoxing now helps your body be able to detox on its own in the future
  37. Helps protect DNA from toxins which cause mutations
  38. Reduces and can even eliminate depression (you also need to be physically active for this one)
  39. Reduces risk of infection and complications from allergies or a cold
  40. Better energy for longer workouts
  41. Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  42. Reduces body odor
  43. Improves regularity and reduces constipation
  44. Reduces severity and frequency of headaches
  45. Reduction of fibromyalgia symptoms
  46. Reduces PMS symptoms
  47. Reduces risk of death from toxicity
  48. Reduces hearing loss from toxicity
  49. Reduces risk of endometriosis
  50. Reduces or eliminates joint pain

14-Day Detox Series

Detoxing is, for most people, the healthiest thing you can do for yourself, especially in such a toxic world we live in. Blood tests would reveal we all have plastics/PCB in our bloodstream, as well as a host of other toxic chemicals. Your body cannot be in an optimally healthy state until you have cleared out the toxins and ushered in the nutrition. You won’t lose weight, you won’t heal properly, and you won’t think clearly or have good energy until you detox with an appropriate phase 1 and phase 2 detox program. Do yourself a HUGE favor and sign up for the 14-Day Detox Program today.