Which vitamins do you use, and do you really trust the brand?

New research dives 10 years into FDA records and reveals that 746 vitamin products were contaminated with chemicals or unapproved pharmaceutical drugs. Only about half of these products were recalled, so half of them are still on the market today.   

One of the drugs found in the vitamins  was Viagra. Supplements were promising to increase libido, but rather than L-Arginine or Panax Ginseng, the supplement had Viagra.  Viagra can cause loss of eyesight, hearing loss, and extremely low blood pressure. This is scary, and it is just one example of how dishonest some brands of vitamins and supplements can be. Other chemicals found in the vitamins were antidepressants, a weight loss drug, and anabolic steroids.

It’s like food. It’s good to eat food, but you have to eat the right food. Eat healthy. Vitamins are the same way. It’s helpful to take them, but you have to take the right ones. Not all brands of vitamins will help you be healthier. They may not even really be vitamins.

This is a great time to remind you that with Hotze Vitamins, you have nothing to worry about. Literally, we’ve done all the worrying for you.  SInce we are a private labeler, manufacturer and a packager, we ARE regulated by the FDA, and we have implemented the highest quality standards possible. This is called GMP standards, or Good Manufacturing Practices. This regulates everything from how often to test the vitamins to what our workers wear, to the temperature of the room and the types of flooring that are allowed. 

Being GMP compliant means that we adhere to the full FDA guidelines for the manufacturing of dietary supplements. This goes beyond the concept of  testing the finished supplements.  We pay  just as much attention to the process of manufacturing and packaging to be 100% sure the test results at the end are as pure as possible. We have an entire team within the Hotze Vitamins company that is our Quality Control Team. They check the certificate of analysis for every vitamin product that arrives at our facility before we sell it.  Then, any new products are tested, as well, just to make sure the lab they used was accurate. 

We have always been fanatical about purity and tested our products, but this new FDA compliant program took it up another notch, which, by the way, is very tedious to implement, but we were glad to do it. This news article shows why we are completely dedicated to the safety and efficacy of your supplements. We know that your trust is valuable, and we appreciate how much you trust us with. We continue to work diligently to make sure your supplements are safe.