Are you expecting a new baby this year? Congrats! You have a lot to think about, but you shouldn’t have to worry about a healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy should be a time of wonder and joy. This is why we have been working on a new arrival of our own. We’ve searched, studied, collaborated and built something we think you will really appreciate during a time when nutrition is so important.

We are introducing the My HotzePak Prenatal Pak for expecting mothers. It was designed by doctors, nutritionists and vitamin experts specifically to give you the healthiest pregnancy possible. Your body is counting on the most advanced nutrition possible in order to support optimal health for both you and the baby. The My HotzePak Prenatal Pak delivers exactly what you need to be optimally healthy for all 9 months. 

Here’s what’s in the pak: 

  • Omega Complete Fish Oil (2 - 1,000 mg softgels)
  • Vitamin C (2 - 1,000 mg capsules)
  • Vitamin D (1 - 1,000 iu softgel)
  • Energy Formula Multivitamin (3 capsules)
  • Active Folate (1 - 1,000 mcg capsule)
  • Iron Bisglycinate Chelate (1 - 27 mg capsule)
  • Boron (1 - 2 mg capsule)
  • Choline (1 - 420 mg softgel)
  • Calcium (2 - 150 mg capsules)

As you may have guessed, this is no typical prenatal vitamin. It’s heads and tails above the rest. Here are 5 reasons why: 

  1. Purity. It’s the most pure prenatal regimen available. The last thing you need when you are pregnant is a vitamin that gives you unwanted extras like chemicals, allergens or sugar. But guess what? Plenty of the popular prenatal vitamins have just that.
  2. It’s full spectrum. From Vitamin A to the mineral Zinc, this prenatal pak has every critical nutrient you and your baby need packaged neatly in each pak. Vitamins and minerals work with each other inside the cells of both you and your baby’s body to support optimal health from the inside out. Having enough of some of the vitamins isn’t helpful when you have other vitamins missing. Don’t gamble with a more simple prenatal at such an important time. Full-spectrum is the best way to go.
  3. Safety. It contains the safest and most effective forms of vitamins. Active Folate, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B6 all have forms that are safer and more effective than others.
    1. For Active Folate, you are looking for 5 Methyltetrahydrofolate, rather than folic acid. Almost 30% of the population cannot even process folic acid.
    2. Vitamin A should be in a beta carotenoid or mixed carotenoid form, and not retinyl palmitate. If it does have the retinyl palmitate, make sure it’s not more than 50% of the total vitamin a. Otherwise it could even be harmful.
    3.  Vitamin B6 should be in the P-5-P form (Stands for pyridoxal-5-phosphate), and not the pyridoxine form. The pyridoxine form is cheaper to use as an ingredient, but it could be dangerous at higher doses, so our doctors at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center advise against its use, especially in pregnancy.
  4. It contains omega-3 nutrients from fish oil for your baby’s brain, as well as your own. Ever had “baby brain?” You need omega-3 nutrients. Your baby needs them, too. Omega-3 nutrients are critical for every cell of your body, but brain cells in particular rely on omega-3 fatty acids. During organogenesis (the time of formation of major organs) this nutrient becomes critical for brain health.
  5. Active Folate. It contains 1,000 mcg of Active Folate, which is an advanced, more effective and safer form of Folic Acid. Active folate is important because it can help prevent neural tube defects.

 Here is the list of nutrients again, and how each one can help you and your baby:

  • Omega Complete Fish Oil (2 - 1,000 mg softgels) is critical for heart and brain formation and support.
  • Vitamin C (2 - 1,000 mg capsules) is critical for immunity for both you and the baby. It also helps form healthy collagen.
  • Vitamin D (1 - 1,000 iu softgel) is also critical for immunity. If you are pregnant during flu season, this becomes even more critical to help you fend off dangerous invaders. Vitamin D also helps support mood, cancer prevention and bone health.
  • Energy Formula Multivitamin (3 capsules) is important for overall energy, moods, and immunity. It also helps other vitamins work better by providing important cofactor nutrients.
  • Active Folate (1 - 1,000 mcg capsule) is critical to prevent neural tube defects. It also helps keep mom’s moods happy and even.
  • Iron Bisglycinate Chelate (1 - 27 mg capsule) can help prevent anemia and also helps keep mom’s blood supply strong and healthy.
  • Boron (1 - 2 mg capsule) supports healthy bones by facilitating the utilization of other minerals.
  • Choline (1 - 420 mg softgel) supports brain and neural tube development. Choline also lowers inflammation, which could lead to fewer health related complications down the road.
  • Calcium (2 - 150 mg capsules) helps support strong bones and supports a healthy heart.

During pregnancy, nutrition becomes more important than any other time in a woman’s life. It’s a time when nutrition affects not only her, but her baby, as well. Optimal nutrition leads to a healthy pregnancy, and suboptimal nutrition is risky and could lead to deformities or disease. If you are 35 or older, this is especially true.

You may not be sure where your baby will go to school, or what type of toys they will like, but you need to be sure they are being given every opportunity to be healthy from the very beginning of life. Optimal health is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give the baby as an expectant mother. In this day in age, with chemicals, pollution and toxins in more places than we care to know, nutrition is your best defense.

Each nutrient in the My HoztePak Prenatal Pak does it’s part to support a healthy pregnancy for both you and your new baby. You have enough to think about before a new baby comes. Leave your daily nutrition to us! Order The Prenatal Pak today and put your mind at ease.