Summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to get ready for fall by doing a 14-Day Detox. After weeks of summer fun and vacation, you may feel a little bloated, maybe low in energy or have a bit of brain fog. You may have even gained a few pounds, despite planning to lose weight. That’s ok. Summer is a time to make memories, and get out there in the sun and relieve stress. The sunshine helped boost your vitamin D levels a bit, and the stress relief was just what the doctor ordered. As summer comes to a close, the best thing to do now is to get a few of those summer memories into a nice frame, review your fall goals, and then do a 14-Day Detox plan to help you in the right direction. 

The 14-Day Detox Plan helps you feel your best. Detoxing increases energy through more efficient use of nutrients. Detoxing also supports hormone balance, which can help you sleep better and improve moods. It can even reduce sugar cravings and help you lose weight. 

But those aren’t the real reason I want you to do a detox. There are much more serious reasons. Unwanted exposure to chemical toxicity is one of the top causes of inflammation, which causes heart disease and cancer. Heart disease is the top killer in America of both men and women, so you can see why this is serious. 

Toxins that you may have been exposed to this summer are:

  • Oxybenzone is a common ingredient in cheaper sunscreens, because it absorbs UVA and UVB rays. The danger is that it penetrates the skin, and then causes DNA damaging free radicals when exposed to sunlight. It’s also been identified as a hormone disruptor. You put on sunscreen to avoid skin cancer, but if it’s not the right, natural sunscreen it can actually cause many types of cancer. 
  • Octinoxate is another common chemical in sunscreen. It’s also used to absorb UVA and UVB rays, but once it’s exposed to sunlight it’s not as effective. It’s also damages DNA and is a hormone disruptor.
  • Phthalates have recently come to light as being very common and in higher amounts in restaurant foods. Study participants that had eaten take out or restaurant food in the past 24 hours had 35% higher phthalates in their blood than the participants that had not. Phthalates have been linked to asthma, low IQ, autism, fertility, obesity, and breast cancer. Phthalates are also found in many personal care and household cleaning type products. 
  • Glyphosate is a pesticide that was found in 100% of California wines, even the organic ones. It’s also called Roundup, and it’s actually a pesticide and an antibiotic, so it’s twice as dangerous. It’s been linked to imbalanced gut health, skin cancer and is likely causing other types of cancers as well. It also adds to total toxic exposure which increases inflammation and risk of heart disease. 

This is why doing an advanced detox plan like the 14-Day Detox is critical. It is the best way to clean the chemicals out of your body, and trust me, you have them. It also preps your body for a cascade of positive changes. Just detoxing is a positive change, but it’s so positive that it triggers a chain of completely body transforming positive events.

Here’s how the 14-Day Detox works:

The first thing your body notices when you detox is that you are drinking more water. Hydration begins. Nutrients flow freely and tension lowers. 

The detoxing nutrients in the morning shakes hit your bloodstream, and your cells throw a party. They’ve been asking for this support for weeks! It’s time for pairing up the unwanted visitors (toxins) with the escort nutrients like l-glutathione, which quickly takes them out the door. It may take a few days to get them all out, but once that process starts, you feel more energy and will have a clearer head.

The additional protein in the shakes supports detoxification and helps you feel full. All of a sudden you notice you aren’t craving all the bad stuff. You even check the time to see when you can have another shake. You are liking the taste, as well how great you feel, when you drink them. 

The sensible yeast-free meal you get to enjoy with your family in the evening is also enjoyable. You choose organic free-range chicken, grilled with seasonal veggies, and a side of olives and hummus. You top it off with a cup of slightly sweetened green tea. You feel satisfied and clean; you feel good about yourself and positive about life. 

With your clearer mind, you start making lists of new goals. You wake up earlier, because you are sleeping better, so you have more time to think about these goals and how achieving them will increase your quality of life. 

You have more energy, so you start taking action on your goals. You make a list of action items and attach dates to your plan. You also make a mental note that staying at the gym a little longer is a good idea. Let’s put this energy to good work.

There are many benefits to detoxing, and you can read a complete list here

Doing an advanced detox plan like the 14-Day Detox is easy and affordable. The kit comes with a Pure Pea Protein Powder, Paleo Cleanse Detox Powder, detox vitamin packs, and a 14-Day Detox Guidebook with complete instructions and recipes for success. 

Feeling great is really the best thing to “gift” yourself with before fall gets here. Lowering your risk of cancer and heart disease is a priceless opportunity that should not be missed. Even doing a detox program once a year can substantially reduce your toxic load and reduce inflammation. 

The 14-Day Detox includes:

So, one question you may be asking yourself is, how does the plan work for detox? Here are a few of the ingredients in the Pure Cleanse Detox Powder and how it helps lower toxicity:

  • Magnesium helps detox heavy metals.
  • Glycine is an amino acid that is essential to the production of protein, the production of glutathione, and in detoxification reactions.
  • Milk Thistle contains silymarin which acts as an antioxidant and helps reduce inflammation.
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine is used in the production of L-Glutathione which is a master antioxidant (perhaps the most effective antioxidant you can have in your body). It also helps boost immunity.
  • Dandelion Extract may help increase the flow of bile which supports a healthy liver.
  • Green Tea is a natural and effective antioxidant shown to help reduce cancer risk and lower inflammation.
  • L-Glutathione is an amino acid and a master antioxidant that can get easily used up by your body when detoxing any type of chemical. It’s important to refuel with this nutrient as much as you can, while being careful with label doses or doctor’s instruction. Taking L-Glutathione regularly has been linked to better sleep, lower inflammation, and even lowering allergic reaction to seasonal allergies.

Detoxing is important, and I urge you to get the 14-Day Detox Kit today and start your plan as soon as possible. For your overall health, I can’t think of anything more important, and you will be so glad you did.