Dear Friend, 

Here is an important question I want you to think about for just a moment. It completely affects your health and vitality. 

How many personal care products have you used today?

Did you take a shower and use soap, brush your teeth with toothpaste, use deodorant, and perhaps apply makeup or perfume? Did you use face wash or a face cream? It all adds up. Did you know that with each use of a personal care product, you may have exposed yourself to hundreds of chemicals? 

The goal of the personal care product manufacturers is for you to have a good product usage experience. They want you to love the scent and the consistency. Typically, they aren’t as interested in your long term health as you are, or else they would be more diligent about not adding toxic ingredients to products that are actually used on your body. 

Here are a few examples of the hidden dangers of personal care products… 

Hidden Dangers of Toothpaste 

Fluoride is one of the main active ingredients in many conventional toothpastes. Dentists will recommend it, but that doesn’t mean you should use it. There is actually a warning on the toothpaste box to “call poison control if more than a pea sized amount is swallowed.” This is because fluoride is toxic. One of the ways it wreaks havoc on your health is by replacing the iodine molecule in the production of thyroid hormone, which creates a thyroid Frankenstein-hormone that causes hypothyroidism and cancer. You could also reasonably expect to risk the health of your heart if you use the wrong toothpaste long enough. Fluoride is certainly absorbed through the thin membranes of your mouth tissue and into your bloodstream. 

Throw away the fluoride toothpaste tonight and order the natural stuff. You’ll love it. 

Hidden Dangers of Deodorant

The hidden danger in conventional deodorant is aluminum. Aluminum causes Alzheimer, Parkinson’s and breast cancer. The worst part is, you apply it in your armpit, which is the exact location of a pair of your lymph nodes. 

I can think of one thing that’s worse than having smelly armpits. Having lymphoma would definitely stink more. Did you know that the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less your sweat stinks? Fruits and vegetables clean your blood and create less body odor. 

Throw away your conventional deodorant tonight and go get the natural stuff. It works fine. You can get Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant at Kroger, Target, HEB, or order it online. 

Hidden Dangers of Soaps 

Many soaps and shower gels smell great and will leave you feeling fresh and clean, but you should ask yourself what you were just exposed to when anything smells fantastic. Sometimes it’s an unnatural scent or fragrance that’s actually a chemical going straight into your nose, reaching your brain. Soaps often have fragrances, parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. All of these things are toxic and could eventually cause cancer or heart disease. Also, the conventional soaps can be harsh and dry out your skin. Try a natural soap like goat milk soap or a soap made with olive oil. They often have pleasant natural scents and work much better than conventional, cheap soaps. 

Hidden Dangers of Sunscreen 

Most people use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, so it’s ironic and frustrating that there are many sunscreens on the market today that contain chemicals that cause cancer. Look for products without oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, homosalate, and octinoxate. These chemicals can be very dangerous, especially if you use sunscreen regularly and are reapplying every few hours. Our favorite more natural brand is Elta MD. The products work well and are easy to apply. 

With each use of a personal care product, you have an important choice to make. You can use a natural product or a conventional product with hidden dangers. In additional to the items listed above, also be careful about hidden dangerous chemicals in nail polish, lotion, face cream, makeup and perfume. If you go natural, you can improve the quality of your life with high-quality products that smell and feel great, or you can use the cheap run-of-the-mill products you grew up using and risk your health. Trust me, you don’t want to save a few dollars now just to have to spend thousands of dollars later on treating a bad heart or a cancer diagnosis. 

Once you decide to go natural, you’ll find great brands at more reasonable prices than you thought. You’ll love the scents and they often work better than their conventional counterparts. Also, we think you will probably want a detox plan. The chemicals that have built up in your system from years of using conventional personal health care products need to be safely and effectively removed. The best plan is the 14-Day Detox plan from Hotze Vitamins, because it supports phase 1 and phase 2 detox.

Phase 1 detox is mainly in the liver and removes fat soluble toxins. Phase 2 detox is in every cell and removes water soluble toxins.  

When you order the kit online, you get everything you need to do the detox. You get a My HotzePak Detox Pak, a Pure Pea Protein Powder, Pure Cleanse Detoxification Powder, and a handy guide to walk you through all 14 days. If you chose to do another detox plan, be sure to check the ingredients. It’s frustrating to see that some detox vitamins and drinks actually contain more toxins that you’ll have to detox from later. The 14-Day Detox was is doctor designed and nutritionist approved. It’s an excellent plan with many benefits like weight loss, better memory, a sense of well-being, better sleep and fewer allergies. 

I hope this blog post opens your eyes to the hidden dangers of many personal care products, but I also hope it doesn’t scare you to think of what you’ve already been exposed to. As long as you stop exposing yourself as soon as possible and do an effective detox, you will probably be fine. The truth is, the healthier your decisions are, the better your life will be at any point. You have the power, today, to change the course of your life for the better just by deciding to live a healthier lifestyle. If you decide today to upgrade your personal care products with natural ones, it can positively affect your health for years to come.