Dear Friend, 

Just like me, I know you are a positive, forward thinker. You may be working with a financial adviser on your financial future. That’s great. We should all do that. 

Investing is important. It gives you hope for a better future. Hope for a better future fuels positive change. This creates abundance where every day is better than the last. Every day is a full of discovery and creation. I smile just thinking about it. 

Actually, I smile a lot. I’m a happy, positive person, but it’s not from financial investing.  At the core of this positive attitude is a feeling. I feel good. I feel good because I invest in my health. Personally I invest a lot in my health and the health of others, because it’s my profession and passion. Every day your health is on my mind, and I’m constantly learning more about how to help you obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally

Today, I’m writing you to encourage YOU to invest in your health. Investing in yourself is a great investment. You are a wonderful person! One of the best ways you can do this is through taking high quality vitamins and supplements and making them a priority. They can help you feel good today and in the future.  

Here’s why it’s important. Not taking vitamins leaves your body with nutritional deficiencies. Even if you try to eat healthy most of the time, you can still be deficient. Eating healthy is good and highly recommended (you will never feel good if you don’t eat healthy), but you cannot obtain optimal health with food alone. It’s unfortunate, but much of our American soil is depleted of minerals and nutrients which leaves our produce depleted. Sadly, this leaves our bodies depleted of what we need to stay healthy… 

…Unlesswe take the highest quality vitamins and supplements possible. The higher quality supplements you invest in, the higher quality of life you will be able to experience in the future. 

Don’t take anything less than the best. In other words, don’t try to save money on cheap vitamins. When you do this, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of a health crisis than if you took no vitamins at all. 

The wrong vitamin is worse for you than no vitamin at all. The wrong vitamin can be unhealthy and has fillers, chemicals, sugar, and allergens. Fillers and chemicals will store in fat cells and the brain as toxins and cause disease. The sugar will contribute to inflammation and cause heart problems and maybe cancer. The allergens can eventually fuel, you guessed it, allergic reactions. Fillers, chemicals and sugar are cheap additives to vitamins, and that’s why the bottle is cheap. The higher quality the ingredients, and the more thought and research that goes into the formula, the more expensive it is. 

The right vitamins are pure. 

Webster’s dictionary defines “pure” as freedom from adulteration and contamination. 

Unfortunately, not all vitamins are pure. Cheap vitamins are not pure, so you can also say they are adulterated, or you can call them contaminated. Think about that for a moment. Now that’s scary.

You have to find and purchase from a brand you trust to make sure you get pure products. 

My vitamin brand, Hotze Vitamins, produces products that are made with only the highest quality, most pure ingredients. Time and focused attention to detail are taken to ensure purity. I know this because my team at Hotze Vitamins operates according to standards higher than what the FDA requires. Every product comes with a certificate of analysis which lists the results of 3 tests. Here is a brief explanation of each: 

1. Identity tests to see if the nutrients in the bottle are actually what the bottle says they are. 

2. Potency tests to see if the bottle contains the same amount of nutrient per capsule that the bottle claims. 

3. Purity is the test which looks for bacteria, heavy metals, and salmonella. 

We do not sell the products at Hotze Vitamins unless they are pure. When a product is delivered to our warehouse, it goes into quarantine until a qualified, trained member of our Quality Assurance Team reviews and approves the certificate of analysis. We also randomly test and send samples out to make sure the products are safe.

Unfortunately, we have heard of recall after recall of vitamins that are contaminated. That’s why we are careful, and you should be careful too. At any time, you can request a copy of the certificate of analysis for any product, and our team at Hotze Vitamins can provide it to you for any nutritional product. 

The highest quality vitamins and supplements are pure, and these are the ones you should be taking with a doctor or nutritionist’s guidance.

The right vitamins will fuel your body, correct deficiencies, give you energy and improve your health. THIS is what you should invest in for a better future. These are the supplements that will help you feel good and smile more.

One of my products, the PowerPak,  comes to mind as the easiest, smartest investment in a high quality vitamin regimen. It can help improve heart health, boost moods, improves skin tone, and can also boost your immune system.

PowerPak is great for energy, and that’s why most of my patients take it, but it does SO much more. For some of my customers it’s been life changing. It warms my heart to know that so many people have chosen to invest in their health with one of my products, and have felt better and had a better quality of life as a result. 

Here are the many benefits of PowerPak, head to toe:

As many benefits as the PowerPak has, boosting energy continues to be most people’s favorite. I often get asked how the PowerPak works to boost energy. 

The short answer is that it has what your body needs to create energy. It contains Dr. Hotze’s Energy Formula which was created specifically for increasing energy in a safe and healthy way. It’s also full of energy producing nutrients like CoQ10 and L-Carnitine that work together to help you feel more alive and...awake…for more of the day. Did you know that every time you eat carbohydrates your body uses b-vitamins to break down and utilize the carbs for energy?  That’s why Energy Formula contains a full B-Complex equivalent. For some of us, just taking Energy Formula would help boost energy, but if you are 40 or over, you are likely deficient in CoQ10 which is needed in the mitochondria for energy production. When supplemented from a good source, your energy level will increase. 

Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak is a great investment in your own optimal health and energy level, so that you can continue to be a positive, forward thinking person and achieve your goals. Investing in yourself today with high quality vitamins and supplements is my most passionate recommendation for a better, happier future for you and your family. I can see the smiles now, and I smile just thinking about it. 

Sincerely yours, and dedicated to your optimal health and energy, 

Dr. Steven F. Hotze