Feeling bloated or constipated can be very uncomfortable. You don’t feel well. It upsets your sleep, your ability to concentrate, and your moods.

Do you also suffer from an upset stomach, gas, indigestion, or heartburn? Have you been told you have IBS? Do you also have low energy, brain fog or skin issues?

It is well worth your time to heal your digestive tract and get back to optimal gut health so you can feel your best. Here are some things you can do to make that happen.

Keys to a Healthy Gut

1. Do a Yeast-Free Eating Program – Eating yeast-free by eliminating sugar and simple carbohydrates improves your digestion and promotes a healthy gut. Sugar is inflammatory.

2. Take Probiotics - Probiotics are a blend of good bacteria for improving gut balance and digestive health. Good bacteria are critical for nutrient absorption, attacking invaders, and helping to heal the gut. Take a probiotic supplement to increase the good amount of bacteria in your gut.

3. Eat Fruits and Veggies – Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, which keeps your digestive tract healthy and helps promote regular bowel movements. You can also take a high-quality fiber supplement.

4. Avoid Gluten – Gluten can cause symptoms of digestive distress, as well as inflammation and gut damage. Check labels diligently for wheat, rye or barley.

5. Remove Dairy from Your Diet – Dairy products are inflammatory, as well as a common allergen. Dairy can cause significant inflammation and irritation, like an upset stomach, drainage and even skin issues.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics – Antibiotic use causes an imbalance in the gut and kills not only bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria that you need to stay healthy.

7. De-Stress – Stress can lead to inflammation in your gut. It can also cause you to eat unhealthy, which upsets your gut, as well.

8. Exercise Regularly – Get up and move! Staying active helps keep your gut healthy and balanced.

Gut Repair Program

Our Gut Repair Program promotes optimal health with the Hotze Optimal Eating Plan and gut-healthy supplements, along with the guidance of our Certified Holistic Nutritionists. Call today to speak with one of our certified holistic nutritionists at (800) 579-6545.

Hotze Healthy Meals

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