Mother’s Day is just about here and we all love to do something special for our mom. After all, mom takes care of the whole family, putting everyone else first. She gives us unconditional love. We treasure our moms and all that they do for us, so we want to give back and take care of her not only on this special day, but all year round.

One of the best things you can do for mom is to help her stay healthy and well. Here are 5 top health concerns for not only moms, but all women, and some simple natural solutions to help:

1. More Energy

If you ask mom what is the number one thing she wants, we’ll bet she’ll say more energy (and more sleep may be a really close second!). She’s working and taking care of her family and it can be easy to run on empty while trying to get everything accomplished each day.

Dr. Hotze’s Energy Formula will help mom to power through her day. Dr. Hotze designed Energy Formula not only to fulfill those essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that she needs, but also to surpass the recommended daily amount so that she can function at her absolute best

Why Mom Will Love Dr. Hotze’s Energy Formula:

  • Improves overall energy production at a cellular level
  • Offers cardiovascular and immune support
  • Helps to decrease stress levels and improve mood
  • Provides more than 27 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Contains no wheat, corn, egg, milk, yeast, sugar, saccharin, preservatives, artificial flavors or dyes

2. Better Sleep

Sleep is a priceless commodity these days, and not just for moms. We are all so busy with work and family life that often our sleep suffers. How many times have you laid awake at night thinking about all you have to do the next day? Then it’s difficult to go back to sleep. Restless nights can leave mom feeling tired the next day, and can definitely zap her energy.   

Dr. Hotze’s Sleep Formula was created to support a restful night’s sleep by helping mom not only fall asleep, but stay asleep, too. And because of its natural ingredients, Sleep Formula is non-habit forming and non-addictive and won’t leave her feeling groggy the next morning like prescription sleep medications do. It supports a restful night’s sleep and naturally reduces stress and anxiety. It may also improve overall mood and energy levels.

3. Stress and Anxiety

Working and keeping up with the kids can be stressful. Moms are under a lot of pressure to maintain a successful career and family life. Inositol is a natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety nutrient. It helps calm brain chatter and soothe the mind. In this way, it lifts mood and can also help improve sleep.

Inositol is a member of the B-complex family with dietary sources from both animal and plant foods. Inositol is found in all cell membranes, with the highest concentrations in the brain and central nervous system, where it plays an important role in neurotransmitter signaling.

4. Weight Loss

Weight loss is something that a lot of women struggle with, including moms. Trying to lose those extra pounds can be really frustrating. You’ve been eating right and exercising regularly, however the numbers on the scale won’t budge. You’re noticing a little bit of a difference in the way your clothes fit and feel but you believe you need a little assistance to get the real results you’re looking for.

Bodyworks Plus by Dr. Hotze™ is a synergistic blend of nutrients that has been designed to help women meet their weight loss goals so that they can feel their absolute best.

Why Mom Will Love Bodyworks Plus by Dr. Hotze™:

  • May help speed up metabolism
  • Has been shown to increase energy levels
  • Assists with blood sugar regulation
  • Controls carbohydrate and sugar cravings

5. Beautiful, Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Every woman wants to feel beautiful, both on the inside and out, and having healthy beautiful hair, skin and nails is an important part of that. Dr. Hotze’s Hair, Skin and Nail Formula provides mom with the key vitamins, minerals and nutrients she needs to restore the thickness of her hair, the strength of her nails, and give her a radiant glow. A deficiency in these vitamins could be causing thinning hair, brittle nails and dull skin.

Why Mom Will Love Dr. Hotze’s Hair, Skin and Nail Formula:

  • Unique blend of key vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential fatty acids
  • Promotes hair growth
  • May reduce the chance of thinning hair or balding
  • Supports strong, healthy nails
  • Increases the density of your nails
  • Helps maintain a beautiful complexion
  • Aids in controlling acne, redness, wrinkles and aging

Take care of mom and help her to feel energized and beautiful so that she can live her best life.

Happy Mother's Day!