Are you trying NOT to get the flu?  It’s time for a super powerful immune boosting plan to make sure you steer clear of it. There is a good chance your neighbors have it, and maybe friends and family have gotten the flu, as well. Exposure is likely, so your immune system will need to be strengthened in order to win the war on flu germs. 

Oh, and these germs are pretty terrible. The germs are airborne, and not only in mucous and spit, so just being in the same room as someone who has or had the flu recently puts us at risk. If you get the flu you have to stay home for 5-7 days AFTER symptoms are gone, which could take you out of commission for 1-2 weeks. No thanks. 

Did you know that about 200,000 people a year are hospitalized due to flu, and anywhere from 6,000 to 39,000 will die from flu per year? 5-20% of the population will contract it. Yes, children and elderly are at a higher risk, so when we don't take proper measures to take care of our immune system we are putting THEM at risk. The flu also costs the US about 10 billion dollars per year. Yikes. That's a lot of money.

Ok, we know we don’t have to convince you that the flu is worth fighting against. No one wants it, and a lot of people get it, but you won’t. You’re a fighter. You just need your plan, and here it is!

The first part of the plan is to incorporate these supplements into your vitamin plan ASAP.

3 Nutrients for Natural Flu Prevention

1. Vitamin D-3 is critical to a strong immune system, and many people are severely deficient. Ask your doctor about a blood test to diagnose low vitamin D levels. If you are diagnosed with low vitamin D, you can take 5,000 IU or more daily to get your levels up. If you can’t get a blood test done then make sure your levels stay up by taking 2,000 IU of vitamin D-3 daily. Vitamin D can also brighten moods and helps escort calcium out of the arteries and into bones, which is great for both bone health and heart health. It’s seriously an amazing vitamin. 

2. Vitamin C is perhaps the best known vitamin for immune boosting, and for great reason. According to studies, several cells of the immune system (phagocytes and t-cells) need vitamin c to work properly. When a deficiency occurs, immune function declines. When the cells have access to higher amounts of vitamin c, immune function is notably improved. Dr. Hotze recommends we all take 1,000mg of vitamin c per 25 pounds of body weight. When you are fighting off germs, he recommends to double that. Just a quick tip, try to spread out your vitamin c into at least 2 doses a day. This keeps it in your system longer and prevents stomach upset. 

3. Allibiotic is an effective supplement that helps boost the immune system in two ways. The herbal components are generally immune boosting, but in particular the elderberry has been shown to reduce swelling of mucous glands AND reduces the average duration of the flu by 3 days. Besides the herbal components, Allibiotic also contains prebiotics which support healthy gut balance. About 60-80% of our immune system is in our gut, so keeping it healthy with all of these flu germs circling around is a good idea. 

The second part of your plan needs to be related to nutrition and what you do or don’t eat. 

Don’ts for Natural Flu Prevention 

DON’T eat sugar or simple carbohydrates. Skip the sugary cakes, cookies, candy and other treats. Also, skip large amounts of fruit. Fruit is healthy in moderation, but don’t overdo it, especially in flu season. Also skip the breads, pizza, pasta, and chips. Simple carbs get quickly turned into sugar, and every teaspoon of sugar you eat will suppress your immune system for an hour. That adds up! Skip the sugary stuff, but not the sweet stuff. Sweet-N-Natural is a great sweetener that isn’t sugar and won’t hurt your immune system. You can use it to make some pretty great naturally sweetened desserts

DO eat plenty of nutrient dense foods like kale, spinach, blueberries, salmon, grass fed beef, broccoli, colored bell peppers, nuts, cucumber, etc. Eating more nutrient dense foods through the day will help your immune system keep its defenses up. If you are on the Yeast-Free Eating Program then you are on the right track. Just be sure to go for the lower carb vegetables (leave out carrots, beets, sweet potatoes). 

Lifestyle Changes

The last part of your plan is all about lifestyle, and there are two major parts. The first is getting active. Getting your body moving will support total body health which includes a healthy immune system. You can play a sport, go for a run, or lift weights. Just get moving. But while you are at the gym or in any public place, be extra conscientious about germs and staying clean. The second thing to do is wash your hands often. You really can’t wash your hands too much right now. After touching door knobs, hand rails, etc, always wash your hands. Did you know you are supposed to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in order to get them clean of germs and viruses?

If you want something easy to take, the My HotzePak Stay Well Pak is a packet of vitamins designed to help build your defenses and keep colds and flu away. Staying well is sometimes hard work but it’s totally worth it. There you have it. Take good vitamins, eat good food, and stay clean and fit. Knowing you, you are already doing all these things. Pass it on or share to help others with this info!