Feeling a little tired lately?

When the car gas tank is on empty, it’s obvious. There is a gauge to measure fuel that shows you it needs more. When our own tank is on empty, it’s a little harder to tell. Suddenly, you realize you are exhausted. You hit the snooze button on the alarm clock, get tired in the afternoon, and generally do not feel like yourself. Low energy can be frustrating because it can affect every part of your life. However, with the right nutrients and a few tweaks to your daily routine, you can easily have more energy and experience a much better quality of life.

Increasing energy, from a nutritional perspective, starts in the cell with an unsuspecting organelle, the mitochondria. In its healthiest, most optimal state, the mitochondria is an energy machine. It’s really important because it creates energy for life. This assumes, of course, that it has all of the nutrients it needs to participate in the energy production cycle. It’s also called the ATP cycle, the citric acid cycle, or the Krebs cycle, named after Hans Krebs.

So, if we have a natural process in every cell to produce energy, what causes low energy?

There are lots of things that can contribute to low energy, but the main issue that battles our energy level daily is toxicity. This is one of the reasons toxins are terrible.

They are all  around us.  Every toxin we ask our liver to process uses the nutrients from our bloodstream that could have otherwise been used for increasing energy. At this point, we consider refined sugar a toxin also, because it sucks nutrients from the bloodstream and can cause extreme fatigue. Over time, toxins build up in our system and cause nutrient deficiencies.

The larger issue is that cellular energy isn’t just what we need to have energy to play with the kids and do around-the-house projects. We need cellular energy to stay healthy and well. When we have chronic low cellular energy, we can end up with heart failure, cancer or any type of infection you can think of. Low energy affects out circulatory system, endocrine system, and certainly our immune system. It’s fine to occasionally have low energy from exerting yourself, but if you have constant, nagging low energy, you are probably nutritionally deficient and in danger of a serious disease state. Hypothyroidism can also be a cause, so if you haven’t been treated for that, be sure to visit www.hotzehwc.com.

How do we escape toxicity?

The city is toxic because of the refineries and large amount of gasoline cars. The country can also be toxic due to pesticides in the produce and synthetic hormones in the livestock. Your house can be toxic due chemicals, lead, aluminum and plastics looming in unsuspecting places.

Toxins will always be around us to some degree. You can’t escape them completely, but it’s a good idea to actively avoid them as much as possible.

 Ways to Avoid Toxins

  • Purchase more natural household products like cleaners and air fresheners.
  • If you get new carpet or any type of flooring installed with glue, go on a short trip to let it air out for a few days before you spend time around it.
  • When painting the inside of your house, use zero VOC paint. Let it air out a few hours before using the room for anything. Just the smell can still give some people headaches.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water helps escort toxins out of the cell.
  • Avoid taking over-the-counter or prescription medications whenever possible. This requires a conversation with your doctor, of course, but if there are natural options, do that first.
  • Use an air purifier at home like Vornado.
  • Avoiding plastics whenever possible and go towards glass for food storage or stainless steel for drinking containers.

For the portion we cannot avoid, we must rely on advanced nutritional support for optimal health. A one-a-day vitamin will not do the trick. Most one-a-day vitamins do more harm than good because they contain chemicals, sugar, allergens, and the wrong form of nutrients. 

What is advanced nutritional support and how do you get it?

Advanced nutritional support is healthy eating plus taking advanced nutritional supplements. Healthy eating is mostly straight forward, and you probably already do that. Eat low carb, healthy fats, organic, and lots of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. The advanced nutritional supplement part is even easier. You take Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak, just 1 packet per day.

 We know that eating healthy is easier in theory than it is in reality. Not every day of the week will you be able to have your ideal meal plan. That’s why Dr. Hotze created the PowerPak. It helps make up for the days when you just can’t eat perfectly. Whether it’s the holidays, or just a rushed Monday morning, the PowerPak has you covered.

Each packet of Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak contains: 

  • 3 Energy Formula Multivitamins  Each dose of 3 capsules contains a full B-Complex as well as an array of other nutrients and minerals for balanced health and vitality. Energy Formula does not contain gluten, dairy, corn, soy, sugar, chemicals or dyes. 
  • 1 L-Carnitine 500 mg helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria. These fats are fuel for the mitochondria to burn for energy. The added energy can help overall body energy as well as boost detoxification.
  • 1 Vitamin C 1000 mg for immune support as well as additional energy via optimal adrenal support.
  • 1 Antioxidant Blend Capsule for lowering inflammation, increasing energy and supporting healthy cells. This blend contains Coenzyme Q10 which is also essential in the mitochondrial production of energy.

 Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak was designed with 3 main goals in mind:

1. Strengthen your immune system

2. Support a healthier heart

3. Increase energy (substantially)

Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak was made to power your life from the inside out. Take the PowerPak, just 1 packet a day, for just a week to see the difference. Hundreds of our guests have given us positive feedback on the PowerPak.

With more energy, you will wake up happier and have a more productive day. You will sleep better and feel good the next day. Good energy is a critical element to feeling good. Just think of all the productive things you can do! Energy around the holidays is extra helpful, and with Christmas just 8 weeks away, this is definitely an important time to increase energy. All the parties, shopping and gift wrapping is fun, but it sure can take its toll on you when you are tired. Keep an extra PowerPak in your bag, and on that crazy busy day when you are running on fumes but you still have to keep going, don’t drink another cup of coffee. PowerUp with a PowerPak!