This spring, are you looking to increase energy, boost your hormone health, improve memory or just feel better all around? You need to detox! But why haven’t you? 

Does this sound familiar? 

You’re at the grocery store with mostly healthy things in your cart, but also a couple of not so healthy things, and then at the checkout line a health magazine catches your attention. “Detox Now!”, it says. “Spring clean your body!” You want to detox, but you are a working woman with ZERO time to plan it out. If someone could literally write it out for you, tell you exactly what you need to buy, and then support you through the process, that would be great. Making meals simple with a protein shake would be icing on the cake, but what are the chances of finding something like that? 

100%! You, even with your busy life, can have a clean body and mind! Here it is, it’s the 14-Day Detox, an easy detox plan that actually works and helps you feel great. It’s just 2 easy protein shakes and 1 sensible yeast-free meal per day. We’ve had happy customers report weight loss, clearer mind, better energy, and even super cool things like improvement in allergy symptoms. Who knew!? 

What’s the 14-Day Detox Kit? 

The 14-Day Detox is exactly what it says. It’s a 14-day detox package that supports phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification. Most detox plans, drinks, teas and supplements will support only phase 1 detox, which can be dangerous. During phase 1 detox, fat soluble chemicals are changed to water soluble chemicals so that they can be eliminated, but during this process it’s possible for new compounds to be created which need phase 2 detoxification to be cleared out. If they aren’t cleared out properly they can cause new, more severe problems than what you started with.  The 14-Day Detox plan supports both phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification which is why it works so well. The enzymes in the vitamin pack help support the phase 1 detox, and nutrients in the Pure Cleanse powder like Glutathione and N-Acetyl-Cysteine support phase 2 detox.

 The 14-Day Detox is also an easy and really popular detox plan, and is the most thorough and effective detox plan available. We’ve heard rave reviews from dozens of customers about how well it works and how easy it is to do! But we know you may have a few questions, so here are the answers to a few common ones. 

Should I detox? 

Unless you are an Inuit in the North Pole, you need to detox. Studies show that even Inuit people have traces of pollution in their blood steam, despite living very far away from the source of it. People who live in or near any city would have considerable reason to detox, and substantial dangers on their health journey if they do not. Air pollution can cause lung damage and has a documented increase on all cause mortality rates. Then there are substances like hormone disruptors that mimic hormones and block hormone receptors. Hormone disruptors that are still commonplace, like plastics, are especially damaging to women in mid life who are already struggling with hormone levels. Toxins like hormone disruptors as well as toxins in general can cause thyroid function to decline as well as sex hormone imbalance. Cleansing the toxins and pushing the “re-set” button tends to help overall health.  

What’s in the 14-Day Detox package? 

When you join the 14-Day Detox Series program, you sign up for regular emails during the 14 days. You should then also purchase the 14-Day Detox Kit which is KEY to success and comes with the following items: 

1. Pure Cleanse is a top rated detox powder that supports phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification. This requires a diverse formula with a host of nutrients. Pure Cleanse has 44 different nutrients to support phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification. Minerals like magnesium help remove heavy metals.  Glutathione is the strongest known antioxidant and supports the liver during phase 2 detox of harmful compounds like acetaminophen, which can cause liver disease. B-Vitamins and iodine gives the cells energy to complete the detox process. Green tea is also a natural antioxidant and helps boost liver function. 

2. Pure Pea Protein Powder is the purest, cleanest protein powder around, and it’s also a vegetable source (from peas!) , so it helps reduce inflammation. It also helps reduce hunger which kills cravings for the bad stuff you can’t have during the 14 days. A good, clean protein powder is essential on a solid detox plan.

3. A vitamin packet with Amino Acids and Digestive Enzymes which helps support proper digestion and nutrient assimilation during the detox process. This keeps you from getting bloated, and also helps support phase 2 detox. 

4.  A completely easy to follow Detox Guide Booklet. This guide will help you through all 14 days of the detox program, and makes it easy to stay on track. You get smoothie recipes, food lists, and general instructions about how to start and how to stay on track 

5. A tote bag to keep it all together.  

What do I do now? 

So now that you know that you need to detox and this package is your best option, write it on your calendar. The 14-Day Detox Series  starts March 26, so sign up and get your kit ordered while there is still time. Imagine how good you’ll feel in the summertime after having done a detox. You probably will have lost 3-5 pounds, have a clearer mind, and much better energy that will surely come in handy for those sunny days at the beach and active days on vacation. Nice, huh? 

Happy Detoxing!