The blue waves crash against the white seashore with a gush. The gush pushes out with it the worries of the past few months. It was all worth it to finally be on vacation. 

With a cold drink in hand and the warmth of the sun on your skin, you are in heaven. You look great in your new swimsuit, and you feel great about yourself for doing what you needed to do to look this good.

Dear Friend, 

Are you ready to slim down for summer? How about a plan that actually works? Many weight loss plans make promises they can’t keep, so in the end they don’t work. You invest and make the changes in your routine, and then...disappointment.  If you’ve used one of these plans before then you may be discouraged, thinking...should I even try? 

YES, the answer is YES, you should try. Excessive fat cells are toxin storehouses and cause inflammation. Being overweight puts you at a HIGHER risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Yes, you should definitely try to lose weight. 

And of course you should try, because you are READY for results.  The right plan works wonders, and you will be happy with what it does for you. Some benefits you will see quickly, like weight loss, and some benefits you may never see (like NOT getting cancer). The best thing to keep in mind is that being a healthy weight is good for you. 

The great news is that weight loss is probably easier than you think, especially if you have already cleaned up your eating habits. It’s not a gamble as far as which weight loss plan you choose. As long as you chose the right plan and stick to it, chances are VERY good that you will lose weight. 

As you will see in this article, losing weight is directly related to how well you are detoxing. Detox is the key to weight loss. If you have tried a weight loss plan and it didn’t work, you may not need a weight loss plan; you need to detox first. 

The right plan supports effective liver detox.  To explain this concept further, first meet your liver.


Your liver is primarily on the right side of your abdomen under your rib cage and diaphragm. The word liver comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “lifer”. The liver is key to life. 

Your liver weighs about 3 pounds (3.1 pounds on average to be exact) and is a God given filter for toxins and chemicals. 

It is also designed to be an effective fat burning machine. 

But it only works to burn fat under 2 conditions: 

1) Your blood sugar needs to be stable and within a healthy range. 

If your blood sugar is high, your liver will turn sugar into energy and the fat will stay right where it is. The right detox plan will guide you through a low or zero sugar eating plan. You just can’t lose weight and eat a bunch of sugar or simple carbs. Your body won’t let you. A blood sugar level of 71-99 mg/dl is the standard zone. If you want to lose weight, try to keep it closer to 75-90 mg/dl. Letting your blood sugar go below 70 would be considered low blood sugar, and can cause cravings for carbohydrates, so don’t let that happen either. It helps to keep high protein snacks on hand, like protein bars, nuts or veggies, so that you aren’t tempted to eat carbs. Stay “in the zone” and your liver is more likely to do what it is supposed to do. 

2) Your liver has to be clean and healthy. 

A toxic liver will not effectively burn fat. It’s like a clogged dryer filter. The debris causes a clog in the whole system. Your body goes into detoxify mode, which uses a lot of nutrients. Your body won’t be as concerned about losing weight. In fact, it will STORE toxins in the fat cells, so you become more toxic.  

This brings me to the toxicity and weight gain cycle: 

1. When you get exposed to toxins YOU become toxic. Unfortunately, we are all toxic due to pollution and off gassing of plastics. The closer we live to a city, the more toxic we are.

2.Toxicity causes metabolism to slow down.

3. You gain weight.

4. Your body stores more toxins in the fat cells, making it harder to lose weight without a safe and effective phase 1 and 2 detox plan.

5. Eventually you could end up in an advanced state of inflammation and disease. 

Now that you know detox is key, and that your own liver can help you lose weight…

…here’s the best kept secret. 

Dr. Hotze’s 14-Day Detox plan is the most effective phase 1 and 2 detox plan on the market and it works great to jump start your metabolism for weight loss.  After doing the 14 days of detox your system will be reset. If you stay on the Optimal Eating Program (it’s a paleo eating plan) you will very likely lose 2-3 pounds per week after you finish the detox. 

Having said that, now is a great time for detox and the weight loss benefits that come along with it. We spring clean our closets and garages. We clean out our files and deep clean our houses.  Why not spring clean our bodies and say goodbye to unwanted fat in the process? Spring cleaning for our bodies is the more important goal. If you don’t take good care of your liver and body, then you may not be alive to enjoy your clean car or clean house. Detox is critical. 

Think about that for a moment. This year, finally, you can feel slim and healthy in your summer wear. Maybe the summer months hold a good friend’s wedding, or maybe you are planning a nice vacation. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel and look great? Of course it would. 

The BEST news is that Dr. Hotze’s 14-Day Detox cleanses the liver so well, that you will have a noticeable amount if increased energy during and after the cleanse. A healthy liver burns fat to create energy, so the more fat you are burning, the more energy you will have. Now that’s a great side effect of a detox plan. 

Dr. Hotze’s 14-Day Detox is a package deal that contains everything you need to complete the plan. You get Pure Cleanse Powder, Pure Pea Protein Powder, the My HotzePak Detox vitamin pack, a Detox Guide booklet, and a tote bag. The package deal makes it easy to complete an effective detox plan. The guide book is my favorite part. 

The guide book is the key to completing the detox program successfully. It’s like having a nutritionist right there with you. It contains a food list of what to eat and what not to eat. It will also walk you through when to take the vitamin packs, how to make the protein shakes, and provides lifestyle tips for optimal results. 

Order the 14-Day Detox as soon as possible if you haven’t done a cleanse yet this year. 

Until then, here are a few steps you can take today towards detoxification. 

1. Drink water. Go for a gallon of water per day per adult. Water flushes toxins and allows nutrients to circulate as needed. 

2. Take your vitamins. If you take a multivitamin like Energy Formula or an advanced regimen like Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak, don’t forget to take it daily. Vitamins are CRITICAL to effective detox.

3. Detox your home. Throw away plastic cups, water bottles, and dishes or Tupperware. Replace your chemical cleaners with natural cleaning products. Replace your makeup and skin care with natural options. If you live in a new home or have new carpet or any type of new flooring, let it air out before you move in. If you have already moved it, stay in a hotel for a few nights until the smell isn’t as strong. A strong smell indicates large amounts of off-gas. 

I hope these tips are helpful. Detox is the best kept secret to effective weight loss AND optimal health. Detox your liver and body for a better quality of life, and this summer you will be thrilled with your results.