Hey you! Great job getting active almost every day this week! And, by the way, great job starting Yeast-Free with Me. You are so awesome! No wonder you are feeling great. 

Now is the time to take advantage of the natural momentum you feel towards total body health and weight loss. Now is the perfect time to add in 1 or 2 supplements into your vitamin regimen for weight loss or fat burning to help your body move towards maximum results. This early jump start will help ensure that you SEE results in spring when you WANT to see results. If you are weight lifting or really hitting it in the gym, get ready for your best body contour yet. These supplements help reduce body fat and create visibly slimming results, especially when combined with intense physical training. 

Here are 3 of our most slimming supplements for your review. Pick 1, 2 or take all 3 for maximum weight loss*:

1) Have you ever heard of CLA? It’s short for “conjugated linoleic acid”. It’s also one of our top selling supplements for a great reason. It burns fat. It literally reduces the fat cells, particularly around the mid section, and helps you slim down faster. It’s found in small amounts in red meat and dairy products, but you won’t see a noticeable difference with just eating these foods. Taking the CLA supplement is much more effective. However, you don’t have to take it from us. In 2007 There was a massive analysis of 18 studies on the effects of CLA supplementation on humans. The concluding statement was this: “Given at a dose of 3.2 g/d, CLA produces a modest loss in body fat in humans.”Did you hear that? If you take 3,000mg/day of CLA you will lose body fat!!!! There are so many weight loss fad diets and supplements that don’t work. Probably most of us have tried a few. But here we have CLA; a modest looking bottle on the vitamin shelf. Its efficacy is documented on PUBMED, and the supplement is only about $33. If you are trying to lose fat or slim down CLA would be one of our top options.

 2) Bodyworks Plus by Dr. Hotze is another great supplement to help with weight loss. The formula contains garcinia cambogia which works by helping reduce appetite and cravings. So, if you find yourself hungry during the day between meals and snacks, then you may need something like this to help you reduce your caloric intake. Drinking water and eating high protein can help reduce hunger as well, but if you struggle with cravings for unhealthy foods, this supplement can be really helpful. Other elements of the formula, like chromium, help regulate blood sugar which supports weight loss. When there is less sugar in the blood to burn for quick energy, the body will resort to burning fat.

3) Supplement with a good protein powder like Pure Pea Protein. When you have the right amount of protein in your diet you are MUCH less likely to feel hungry. Less hunger means a lower chance of overeating, or eating something you shouldn’t. They way we feel (happy, sad, full, hungry, frustrated, etc) has a huge impact on what we eat. A good protein powder like Pure Pea protein will also help you maintain a better mood through beneficial amino acid compounds. Your brain needs the right amino acids from a good protein source to support good moods. Include a healthy protein shake in your daily eating plan to maximize results. 

28 Day Slim Down 

All 3 of these products are in the 28-Day Slim Down kit, and although the 28-Day Slim Down Program starts in about 3 weeks, if you have over 10 pounds to lose then we recommend you purchase the 28-Day Slim Down Kit and get started now. The program comes with a guide filled with tips and easy follow instructions. If you are currently in the Yeast-Free Eating Program we recommend talking to a nutrition expert at Hotze Vitamins before trying to do both programs at once. The eating programs are VERY similar, so it can be done, but usually it’s better to do one program at a time for more focused results. 

*Weight loss results will be different for everyone. Best results are achieved when supplementation is combined with a ketogenic eating plan and 30-60 minutes of moderate physical activity daily. Sufficient water intake will also improve results.