Everyone loves a good mood. It can turn gray skies into sunshine and lemons into lemon meringue pie.  You look forward to the challenge of the day and setting new goals. You can’t wait to get home and enjoy a healthy dinner with your family. Good moods are key to productivity at work and for happiness at home. But what happens when your sun doesn’t come up, and your mood feels as low and short as a winter day?  It may be that our eating plan has gotten off track from the holidays (poor nutrition can cause low moods), or it may be a life situation that temporarily derails a normally cheery disposition. Whatever the cause, there are safe and effective natural solutions to low moods. Sometimes our moods just need a little boost from the inside out. With a good mood, our holidays can be happier and our lives can be less stressful.

Here are some specific warning signs of low moods:

  • Small annoyances cause stress
  • You worry- almost constantly
  • Trouble envisioning the future or setting goals
  • You struggle focusing or being productive.
  • You may even have terrible or dark thoughts that surprise you and make you wonder “am I ok?”

Here are our best mood boosting supplements (which happen to be on special this week!) 

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin, and can help boost moods, especially if you literally haven’t been able to get your time in the sun. If your levels of vitamin d are low from being indoors then taking the right supplement can be very helpful for boosting moods. Make sure you take Vitamin D-3 and take between 2,000iu-5,000iu. Consult your healthcare provider before taking higher doses as vitamin d is a fat soluble vitamin and can build up in your system

Magnesium is a mineral miracle mood booster because of the way it supports hormone production and sleep. As far as hormone production, magnesium helps in the production of progesterone, so any cycle related mood swings can be evened out. Magnesium improves sleep by relaxing your muscles at bed time so you sleep deeper, and then the next day you feel refreshed and energized. Magnesium can help improve energy in every cell, including brain cells, so your brain has the energy to get those positive thoughts going and keep them top of mind.

Lithium Aspartate is a trace mineral that would in our fruits and vegetable (from good soil), but as the soil has been depleted our food sources have had lower levels of all minerals. Lithium Aspartate in particular is essential for preventing depressed thoughts. If you have been feeling very sad or depressed lately, this is an important supplement to try. The Hotze Vitamins brand option is a gentle salt version of Lithium and is completely safe. 

Inositol is in the B vitamin family and helps calm brain chatter. In our fast paced lives our brains pay the price, and then we don’t sleep as well and moods suffer. Inositol helps calm the brain at bed time for enhanced sleep and also helps boost moods by calming us down. Our to do list is much easier to think about when we can manage it one item at a time, rather than being overwhelmed with everything at once. For those of us with long to do lists and busy weekends, this supplement is really very helpful and has been named our “chill pill”.

5-HTP is an metabolite from the amino acid L-Tyrosine and is very helpful to boost moods by increasing serotonin. Serotonin is our “feel good” brain neurotransmitter and can help us in a variety of ways. It gives us a sense of well-being and helps us even feel playful.

Lavender oil is an essential oil that can reduce stress. It works similar to inositol by slowing down our brain waves , but since it’s an oil that can go into a diffuser (just put 2-3 drops into the water) and breathed in immediately, it works super fast. As a bonus, studies show it also helps improve brain function.

Another way to feel better during any season of the year is to eat paleo (think Yeast Free Diet type of eating). When you are at home and have more control over what you eat; take the opportunity to eat clean. Avoid sugar and white carbs. Go for the organic meats, veggies and complex carbs like a sweat potato. This type of clean eating keeps your blood sugar stable and will definitely help boost your mood. Studies show that the more veggies you eat, the happier you will feel.

Also, pick your battles with holiday treats at parties. Sugar causes brain fog as well as blood sugar peaks and valleys which can all attribute to lower moods in the holidays. If you find yourself getting dizzy or feeling lightheaded after partaking in holiday food fare, you should STOP eating sugar and refined carbohydrates for 3 days (at least). In this case your adrenals need to heal. However, as long as you are feeling ok and getting some level of daily exercise, go ahead and pick one dessert to have at the party and just take 2 or 3 bites. The more bites you take the more bloated you will feel and you also will not sleep as well, so let’s keep the treats in check. Focus more on the nutritious options on the table like a dark greens salad, hummus, olives, and green beans. Even a heaping serving of guacamole is allowed. The healthy fat will help slow down any sugar you decide to eat. 

The most important thing to remember through all of this, is that that natural solutions work because they solve the problem (nutrition deficiencies or by lowering stress). Prescription antidepressants do not work effectively because they are toxic chemicals masking symptoms. Antidepressant medications can cause suicidal thoughts, liver disease and even heart disease. Natural solutions will get to the root of the issues and help heal your mind and body for optimal mental health. Try one of these mood boosting supplements this season for a brighter outlook, or Build a Pak with several of them, and have your best Christmas/New Year holiday ever.