Did you enjoy all the festivities over Christmas and New Year’s? The parties and time with loved ones are amazing, but you may have felt a little overwhelmed with all the food. It’s delicious, but holiday food can be rich and heavy, and easily leaves you with a tummy ache, feeling tired and even…sick?   

The good news is that, to feel completely better, you don’t need to do anything drastic like fast or juice for days on end. You don’t even need to fast for a full day. All you really need are a few tweaks to your eating plan, a little bit of will power, a few vitamins and commit to yourself that you want to feel better. We call it Yeast-Free with Me!

Yeast-Free with Me is the perfect New Year cleanse and reset button. You will feel better and healthier all year long!

What is the  Yeast-Free Eating Program?

Yeast-Free, or the Optimal Eating Program, is a 30 to 90 day eating plan and supplement regimen that helps eradicate the overgrowth of yeast. It’s designed to rebalance the microbacterial flora of the intestinal tract which helps improve the health of your entire body. It’s estimated that about 60-80% of your immune system is in your gut, so when it’s not balanced, you can get all sorts of illnesses and infections. Once the gut is balanced, the body can heal and stay well. Many of our guests tell us that once they complete the Yeast-Free plan they have much more energy, sleep better, have a clearer head and aren’t getting sick as often.

What is Yeast?

Yeast is a single-celled fungal organism (also called Candida) that can overgrow in our intestines, particularly with or after use of antibiotics. When it overgrows, it causes numerous problems and symptoms like gas, heartburn, brain fog, low energy, skin issues and more. What you eat and drink can make yeast overgrowth better or worse. Getting rid of yeast overgrowth can be frustrating if you aren’t on the right eating plan. Once yeast is overgrown, you have to kill it to get rid of it. With the Yeast-Free Eating Program the yeast is replaced with probiotics, or good bacteria, which strengthens the immune system.

What is Yeast-Free with Me?

Yeast-Free With Me is a guided version of the Yeast-Free Eating Program. We also call it the Optimal Eating Program.  Starting today, January 7th, we ALL do the Yeast-Free Eating Program together.  You get guidance, tips, recipes and motivation all along the way. When you sign up, you get a brochure will all the basics, so you can get started planning. Completing the Yeast-Free Eating Program has improved the quality of many of our guests’ lives, but it’s not the easiest eating plan to complete. We created “Yeast-Free with Me” to give you the motivation and guidance you need to finish strong and feel amazing. Sometimes just knowing that you aren’t the only one on an eating plan can help you be more diligent and get better results.

Why do Yeast-Free? What are the benefits?

Sometimes the Yeast-Free Eating Program is recommended by your doctor, and sometimes it’s recommended to you by a friend or family member. No matter how you heard about it, if you complete the plan you WILL feel better. Whether or not you actually do it is a personal decision and you have to decide for yourself why you want to feel better. We call it finding your “why power.” For some people, it’s their family and kids, and they want to have more energy to take care of them. For other people, they want to do better at work, and they need to clear the brain fog to perform better. Some people are trying to clear a skin rash or tough-to-get-rid-of serious skin conditions related to yeast overgrowth like eczema or psoriasis.

Who needs to do Yeast-Free with Me?

If you have been recommended to do so by a doctor or holistic provider, then you should complete the plan. This version will probably have prescriptions for killing the yeast and your “die-off” may be a little more noticeable. You should also do the Yeast-Free Eating Program if you are low energy, get sick a lot, have skin yeast issues, gas and indigestion, or have brain fog. These are all common signs of overgrowth. You can do the supplement version with no prescriptions and you will feel a lot better.

When is it? How long?

In 2019, Yeast-Free with Me starts on January 7th. Sign up now and mark it on your calendar! Yeast-Free with Me lasts about 30 days, but if your doctor recommended that you do the Yeast-Free Eating Program, then plan on sticking with the program for 90 days.

What do I have to give up?

You will give up most simple carbs like candy, sweets, potatoes, pizza, oatmeal, etc. Focus more on what you can have, which are more complex carbs and high protein whole foods like low glycemic vegetables, beans, a little bit of organic cheese or yogurt, nuts and organic meats. Sugar feeds yeast, so you have to stop eating sugar, or the yeast keeps growing. There are a ton of Yeast-Free Recipes available on our blog and in the Optimal Eating Cookbook

There you have it, a few basic questions answered about Yeast-Free with Me. We hope this helps, and we hope you’ll sign-up to join us for 30 days of eating clean and feeling great. Don’t forget to order your Yeast-Free Starter Kit so you’ll have it on hand before January 7th.