If there was one thing you could keep from happening over the next few months, would it be getting sick? YES- Us, too.

Let's face it, germs are entirely unavoidable... But with the help of proper vitamin and mineral supplementation, you won't need to grab for the hand sanitizer every time someone sneezes or coughs, because your immune system will be charged up and ready for defense. 

You may already know that vitamin C is excellent for boosting the immune system, but have you heard about the great benefits of vitamin D? Along with vitamin C, vitamin D is one of our personal favorites, particularly D-3.  These little golden soft gels hold rays of sunshine and amazing immune boosting powers. In fact, doctors started treating issues such as tuberculosis with vitamin D before the invention of modern-day antibiotics. 

Vitamin D supports the regulation of the immune system, so whether your immune system is under active or over active (autoimmune disorders), having optimal levels of this vitamin is essential. There has even been evidence of vitamin D preventing various cancers and helping to fight it.

For best results, we recommend taking at least 2,000iu of Vitamin D daily, however, depending on blood work, you could need to take anywhere into the 10-15,000iu range. If you are curious as to where your levels might be, you can find out through a simple blood test (optimal levels are in the 60-70 range). 

Ready to start protecting yourself from illness? Stock up on Vitamin D today!