Whether we‘re shopping for groceries or a new mattress, there always seems to be a harmful ingredient to look out for, so that we don’t expose our family to something dangerous. The sad truth is that even when we try to avoid toxicity and chemicals, they are in the air, in our produce, in our water, and even in unlikely places like the clothes we just took to the dry cleaner. More often than not, life in modern day America involves daily exposure to harmful substances. The key to living a healthy life is to incorporate a doctor approved detox program once or twice a year. You’ll be excited to enjoy these 5 amazing benefits of a good detox program like the 14-Day Detox

1. Increased mental clarity- On about the 3rd or 4th day, you will wake up with a little bit more energy, and a clearer mind. The day’s to do list and schedule will be a little easier to remember, and you will be so glad you stuck it out the first few days of the detox, even when it was hard not to eat the usual pizza or tacos over the weekend.

2. Clearer skin- Most detox programs will have you avoiding dairy and gluten products, which tend to trigger acne. Also, the extra vitamins and good hydration from the protein shakes will help clear skin. The morning glance in the mirror will be just the extra boost to keep you going. Lookin’ good!

3. Hormone balance- An imbalance in hormones can be greatly improved by removing toxic chemicals from the body. If you are on hormone replacement therapy you may notice the benefits of your program become more noticeable. Hair may start growing back, and you may start sleeping better or notice a healthier sex drive.

4. Flatter tummy- The 14-Day Detox Program involves 2 shakes and one “yeast free” meal per day, so it’s easy on digestion, and you may notice that your stomach feels flatter and you have less gas/bloating. You may even lose a few pounds!

5. Improved moods-  Doing something good for your health is its own reward, but the mood boost from a good detox program leaves you feeling brighter and more optimistic.

The 14-Day Detox Program is what our doctors recommend for optimal detox results. It comes with the vitamin packs, Pure Pea protein powder, Pure Cleanse powder, and detox guide to help you through the entire program. It’s easy to follow and our staff of knowledgeable nutrition consultants are here to answer whatever questions you have.

Not sure where to start? Register today for the 14-Day Detox Series, starting Monday, August 14th! You'll receive 2 full weeks of motivation and support as you go through an incredible detox program.

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