A wise person once said, “It is better to give than to receive,” and the gift of health is always the perfect choice. As always, Hotze Vitamins is here to help with a few last-minute gift ideas.  

Gifts for Outdoor Lovers: Give them a natural sunscreen! 

They love to camp, swim, lounge on the beach and take long walks; anything that gets them into the great outdoors. With the outdoors comes that beautiful sunshine. A natural sunscreen may be just the thing your friend or family member needs to protect their skin from burns while also avoiding harmful chemicals commonly found in commercial sunscreens.  Chemicals like avobenzone, oxybenzone, fragrances and parabens can actually cause cancer rather than preventing it. 

Elta MD is a natural sunscreen product recommended by dermatologists due to its more notable and effective ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients work perfectly together because titanium dioxide blocks UVB rays, and zinc oxide blocks UVA rays. For this reason, a natural sunscreen that contains both can be called a broad band sunscreen, which is what Elta MD sunscreens are. 

Our favorite Elta MD products:

  • SPF 41 Tinted is great for after skin care treatments where you can’t wear makeup. It’s tinted, so it’s like a light layer of makeup to help you feel and look your best, whether following a laser or light treatment or for daily wear.

 Gifts for Fitness Junkies: Give them supplements to optimize fitness results!

They love to push themselves at the gym, and who are we kidding; they love to win. Conventional fitness products are full of sugars and harmful chemicals that could be holding them back, so a natural fitness product may be just the thing this year! 

Our favorite fitness products: 

  • Neo 40/Beet Elite: Neo40 and Beet Elite both contain a specially formulated beet extract which dilates vessels and arteries for improved circulation. This increases oxygen and nutrient levels which boosts energy, extends workouts and reduces inflammation (pain).
  • Pure Pea Protein is a dairy-free vegetarian protein powder with natural sweeteners. My daughter is gluten- and dairy-free, so we struggle to get all of her calories and protein in every day, but with Pure Pea Protein it’s an easy task. She LOVES the taste and puts it in almond milk to make her chocolate milk. In the winter, it could be your healthy hot chocolate mix!
  • Joint Comfort: Those longer workouts at the gym can really leave your joints achy and sometimes more than just an ache; sharp pains? Dr. Hotze’s Joint Comfort formula contains several safe, active ingredients for pain relief including glucosamine chondroitin. There are hundreds of our guests who take Joint Comfort regularly to protect their joints and reduce pain. Some have shared that they were able to avoid surgery just by taking it regularly.

Gifts for the Coffee Obsessed: Give them delicious (healthy) things to add to coffee! 

Your coffee lover friend may dream about coffee and likes nothing better than a big cup of it early in the morning. Hotze Vitamins has several healthy gift ideas sure to perk up that morning cup. 

  • Dr. Hotze’s Transformation Blend Ground Coffee is a medium dark brew from some of the finest coffee sources in the world: Kenya, Sumatra & Brazil. It is an Italian roast that has a beautiful syrupy body, giving it a chocolaty flavor with a nice earthy note with a smooth finish.
  • Organic Stevia Extract is a natural liquid sweetener. All you need is a few drops, and it travels great in your purse or in a suit case. Stevia has been shown to have beneficial effects on glucose and insulin sensitivity in both human and animal studies which means it’s great for type 1 or 2 diabetics as well as anyone with metabolic syndrome or prediabetes. It’s also been shown to have no harmful side effects. Sign me up!! 
  • Coconut Oil is a perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee.  It increases energy, supports a healthy thyroid, increases brain power, and also makes your coffee creamier. It’s one of our most popular yeast-free coffee creamer choices. It’s clear, but if you can get past the look of it, you will feel great using it. 
  • Sweet-N-Natural is another natural sweetener.  This one is a granulated sweetener in packets and also available in a canister. Either option is great for coffee (or baking) for anyone on your list, but especially anyone needing to reduce sugar intake.

Gifts for the Sleep Deprived: Give them a great night’s sleep! 

They work all day then struggle to go to bed at night, only to do it all again the next day. It’s a stressful cycle and after a few weeks can lead to exhaustion and further health issues. Give them the gift of deep, restful sleep so they can feel energetic, focused and ready to take on the New Year! 

  • Dr. Hotze’s Sleep Formula is one of our most popular products, because it’s a very effective, natural sleep aide! As we age deep sleep becomes harder to achieve. Dr. Hotze’s Sleep Formula may be just the thing for longer, deeper sleep. 
  • Liquid B12 drops can help with that afternoon energy slump. B12 is a gentle B vitamin that packs a pretty good energy punch, especially if taken regularly. Having more energy in the day helps you be more productive, and then sleep better at night.
  • Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak makes taking vitamins easier than ever. Including all essential vitamins and minerals in daily, convenient vitamin packets that are perfect on-the-go, Dr. Hotze's PowerPak provides the purest, highest-quality nutrients needed to fuel the body for active days and restful nights.

Gifts for the Resolution Lovers: Give them tools to achieve their health goals! 

This is probably YOU! You love to write down your goals, and your health goals are already written in your secret place, or maybe posted for everyone to see. Whether it’s losing weight, taking just the right vitamins for Y-O-U, or an annual detox program (that actually works) …we are here to help.

Here are our favorite products to help achieve your highest health goals: 

  • The My HotzePak customized vitamin program is a completely unique, personalized vitamin program. With millions of possibilities, there is only one combination of vitamins just right for you. Call 1-800-579-6545 or email nutritionist@hotzehwc.com for help from a Nutrition Expert to build your customized paks today.  They ship in just 5-7 business days, so order fast to get by Christmas. When it comes to nutrition, everyone’s goals are different, so Dr. Hotze offers the My HotzePak program to help you take exactly what you need. The packets will tell you when to take each supplement AND has your name on it. Genius! 
  • 28-Day Slim Down Kit Plus contains everything you need to lose 5-8 pounds in about a month. This is no small feat for most of us, so the kit contains a vitamin pak formulated for increased metabolism and fat burning, a canister of Pure Pea Protein Powder, a program guide with how-to information and recipes, and the Mind Makeover for Weight Loss Coaching program (includes videos, PDF journal, weekly guide and action sheets, and a bonus video). 
  • 14-Day Detox Kit contains everything you need for you or your friends and family’s New Year Detox program. Feeling foggy lately, lagging in energy, or maybe you gained 3-5 pounds at Christmas and just want a fresh start? The 14-Day Detox program is short, effective and easy to do. The kit contains protein powder, detox powder (get ready for lots of delicious smoothies), a program guide, and special detox vitamin packets. Detoxing regularly can help balance hormones, improve focus, increase energy and helps keep your tummy flat.

So, have fun shopping, and have a healthy, Merry Christmas!