For a man, losing weight is an important goal and he means business.  It will often be on the weekly goal list until it’s done, and it’s a key element of the confidence he exudes as he strives to achieve other critical goals for himself and his family. 

Many of us know that maintaining a healthy weight is important. That is why we may feel baffled as we watch the scale digits go up despite trying to lose weight. It may be because we are trying to approach weight loss with only conventional wisdom. 

Conventional wisdom says there are two components to an effective weight loss plan. Eat about 500 calories less per day, than you would normally eat, and be more active. Studies show that this is true, in general, for both men and women. 

So, basically,  just eat less than you burn and you will lose weight.  It sounds so simple. The simplicity leaves us more frustrated when the plan doesn’t help up lose weight. It can even cause depression. 

For some people, though, this conventional wisdom works. It’s not easy to achieve, but by not eating pizza and dessert for a few weeks and hitting the gym harder, the weight may come off. This can be the case for many healthy people 35 and under. 

For others of us, as we age and as toxins build up in our bodies, and hormones decline, our bodies have a harder time shedding the pounds. If fact, our bodies tend to want to increase body fat, which makes it extra frustrating.

Here’s the deal, and it’s what you really need to know.

Effective weight loss requires the conventional equation for weight loss PLUS additional nutrients that give you the added edge you need. The right nutrients will help the body detoxify, burn fat and support hormone balance.

So,  there is hope for weight loss, even when you are 40, 50, 60 or 70 years old. The good news is that you probably made the harder changes already. You eat “low carb” and you are active. Congratulations, because those are what the rest of the population has so much trouble implementing. You are doing the hard work already!

For men AND women, detoxification and hormone support are so important to weight loss. You can often keep eating the healthy diet you already eat, and just add in these nutrients, and finally see results!

The best results are consistently achieved by committing to the right weight loss plan that includes being conscious of the importance of lifestyle plus additional nutrient support. That’s why Hotze Vitamins put together the 28-Day Slim Down Kit just for you, to help you effectively lose weight with a natural and safe weight loss plan that works.

These are the additional nutrients that we see consistently working for our guests and patients at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center:

1. Probably the most loved weight loss nutrient is CLA.

CLA” stands for conjugated linoleic acid and is found in dairy products from grass fed cows. It is a plant based nutrient, so if the cows are fed grains the dairy products will not have it. CLA is a fatty acid that helps with weight loss. It seems to help burn fat even if you don’t change anything about the way you eat.  We have seen it work time after time. Most people are eating low carb (but not zero carbs) and when they incorporate CLA, their metabolism gets a jump-start, and here’s the best news. CLA targets the fat in the mid section, where the “midlife” years seems to leave their mark. So there you have it. We carry CLA in softgel form in bottles as well as in the vitamin packet that comes with the 28-Day Slim Down Kit.

2. Another very effective key nutrient is Green Coffee Bean.

Green Coffee Bean extract comes from unroasted coffee beans. It contains chlorogenic acids which are a family of plant based polyphenols that help speed weight loss. It has been shown to help support weight loss of 1 pound per week, even when you don’t change your eating plan. It could help you lose closer to 2-3 pounds per week if you are eating low calorie.  Be sure to look for a Green Coffee Bean supplement that is at least 45% chlorogenic acids. As usual, the supplement we carry at Hotze Vitamins is only the best. It’s 50% chlorogenic acid with 200 mg per capsule. Green Coffee Bean also helps lower blood sugar, so if you struggle with pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome, this supplement will be additionally useful to you. Hotze Vitamins carries Green Coffee Bean in a bottle and it’s in the vitamin packet that comes with the 28-Day Slim Down Kit.

The 28-Day Slim Down Kit includes the Skinny Pak, which is a 28-day supply of vitamin packs that promote weight loss, as well as Pure Pea Vanilla Protein Powder and the Slim Down Guide, which will guide you every step of the way for 28 days.

What the Slim Down Kit includes:

  • Skinny Pak: 28 days of conveniently pre-packaged vitamins, including CLA, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Bodyworks Plus, Fiber Blend, Detox Formula & Chromium Chelate
  • Pure Pea Protein Powder
  • Slim Down Guide
  • Tote Bag

The Pure Pea Protein Powder in the Slim Kit is plant based, and helps improve weight loss results. It helps improve protein intake, which reduces hunger and keeps blood sugar levels “in the zone.” Protein is an important part of an effective weight loss eating plan, and the Pure Pea Protein Powder makes it easier to get the protein you need every day 

Weight loss doesn’t happen immediately. It’s a path you commit to and stay on. It involves eating fewer calories than you burn off in a day, being active, taking the right supplements for detox and metabolism support, and takes tremendous patience and focus. Weight loss also tends to be slightly easier for men than it is for women. Men have more lean muscle mass, which contributes to burning calories while at rest. This could result in losing 3-4 pounds per week rather than the 2-3 pounds per week that is a healthy weight loss rate for women. 

Here’s the real wake-up call. 

Almost 40% of American adults age 20 or over are obese. About 70% of Americans are considered overweight. These statistics include men and women. Excessive body fat increases inflammation and significantly increases chances of heart disease and cancer. If you are overweight, beginning an effective weight loss plan is a critical health issue, and an important way to take care of your heart and body. 

If what you are doing isn’t working, then you need a new plan. Pick a weight loss plan that’s natural and effective. Do the 28-Day Slim Down Program from Hotze Vitamins as soon as possible. Finally losing the weight is well worth the initial investment and will help improve confidence for achieving other goals. Our doctors have approved long term use of these supplements for those that need it. You have nothing to lose, except the extra weight.