Are you planning on taking a dreamy vacation this summer? We knew you would! We are so excited for you and your family to relax and unwind.

Just a quick reminder…

Don’t forget your vitamins!

You may be tempted to leave your vitamins at home, but we are here to remind you that vitamins help you feel better. Low-quality vitamins don’t work like that, but the high-quality vitamins at Hotze Vitamins do! Your vacation will be even better if you take your vitamins with you.

Here are a few reasons we think you’ll want to take them along.

5 Reasons to Pack Your Vitamins for Vacation

1. Immunity.  Vitamins help boost the immune system by supporting proper detox. The cleaner your system is, the more your immune system can build itself up. Traveling to other parts of the world can be exciting, but also a little scary for your health if you aren’t careful. Don’t forget to take Vitamin D and Vitamin C! Vitamin D can modulate innate and adaptive immune responses. (1) Vitamin C boosts the adrenal glands. which not only helps improve immunity, but it can also prevent adrenal burnout while on vacation. Another good supplement while on vacation is Probiotic Blend. Taking it regularly can help prevent stomach viruses and foodborne illness. If you do start to feel stomach issues while on vacation, make sure you pack a few extra Probiotics. One or two extra capsules taken at bed time can help rebalance the gut.

2. Energy.  Nobody likes to sleep late on vacation. Ok, maybe the first day, to catch up on sleep, but after that...let’s go make some memories! If you take your vitamins, you’ll have more energy to have a better time. You can do more without getting tired. You can get up early. You will have energy to take good pictures. Vacation requires energy, and vitamins are really helpful. Don’t forget the B12! Vitamin B12 is a cofactor in metabolizing food into the energy you need. If you don’t have enough B vitamins in your system (especially B12), you will not have solid energy. Hotze Vitamins carries convenient B12 sublingual drops that are super easy to pack!

3. Memory! When on vacation, you may not eat the healthiest foods, and then within a day or two...brain fog. You are forgetting your documents, your keys and sunglasses everywhere! However, if you pack your vitamins and just take a few with breakfast, you’ll have a much clearer head for the rest of the day. Omega Complete Fish Oil is a great supplement to include  in Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak, and it contains omega 3 fatty acids that are shown to boost memory and focus. As a bonus, you can also think about all the good it’s doing for your heart, as well!

4. Well-Being. We know that the beach will help with boosting your sense of well-being…a lot. However, your vacation may not pan out perfectly. The service at the resort could be sub-par. The food may not be prepared just the way you like it. We hope your vacation is perfect, but most are not. Vitamins can help balance out your mood so that when the unexpected happens, like kids whining with can respond with patience rather than saying things you know you’ll regret. Nutritional imbalances directly affect moods, so do your family a favor and take along Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak with lots of B vitamins.

5. Sleep. Don’t forget that Sleep Formula! Especially if you are traveling overseas, it can be really helpful, if not completely necessary, to take something to help with sleep. Jet lag is a real thing, and eating more carbs than usual can also keep you from sleeping. Dr. Hotze’s Sleep formula is a natural, safe formula that was put together to help you get to sleep faster, sleep deeper and feel much more refreshed when you wake up. It’s the perfect natural replacement for over-the-counter sleep medicine. There’s no need to add chemicals to your body when you can take something natural. 

Vacation is a wonderful time for you and your family. We want you to have a ton of great memories and lots of energy. The last thing we want is for you or anyone in your family to get sick, but if you pack your vitamins, it’s less likely that will happen. Vitamins help support optimal health, and optimal health is for every day of your life, not just for work days or at home days.

It’s also worth noting that vitamins will always work better when you are consistent with them. This is especially true with water soluble vitamins like B vitamins and vitamin C. They can flush out of your system within a few hours, so it’s best to take them daily. If you take them in the morning, but you are getting tired in the afternoons, then switch your dose to taking vitamins at lunch. It could help you have more energy! If you think you need vitamins for energy at both times of day, talk to your doctor first, before taking more than the label suggests. In some cases it’s been helpful and even completely necessary, but the doctor needs to be consulted first.

Have a great vacation, and don’t forget your vitamins!