Successful weight loss is all about focusing on what you should eat, rather than what you should not. You may already know that protein is one of those important nutrients to focus on for slimming down, but do you know why? Understanding why can help you keep your focus sharp and your results stellar. 

Eating higher amounts of protein  is a part of many popular eating plans like Whole 30, the Ketogenic Diet (which is also high-fat) as well as the well-known Yeast-Free Eating Program. These eating plans often recommend at least 45-50 grams of protein daily. Some of us have tried these programs and had some of the best success of our lives, because in general, they work. 

Protein gets a lot of attention for weight loss, mostly because it’s been shown to have “twin benefits.” It has two major benefits that make it a superstar. 

1. The first benefit is satiety.

Protein increases feelings of fullness. Feeling full helps you to keep from overeating, or eating at the wrong time. It takes longer to digest, so it will literally stay with you longer. It also helps stabilize blood sugar, so it helps prevent blood sugar lows that cause cravings. Eating higher levels of protein  while on a weight loss plan has been shown to help you feel satisfied, motivated, and helps the program to be easier and more enjoyable (1). This is, of course, mostly due to the feeling of fullness that eating higher levels of protein will provide. The most important time of day to eat protein is at breakfast and lunch. A quick protein shake works great.  Then, the rest of the day you feel less hungry and more satisfied. 

2. The second benefit is that it burns fat. 

Eating high protein while on a healthy weight loss plan increases fat-burning hormones. It can literally melt the fat off of your body. Have you ever heard of DIT? It stands for Diet Induced Thermogenesis. This is a measure of the thermogenic effect of food. In other words, it measures how many calories your body will burn after eating it. Not surprisingly, protein has the highest DIT. (2) Eating carbs will add to your fat stores, especially when you overeat them, but eating protein will help burn the fat. This is true even when you are resting. Protein increases your metabolism for 24 hours after you eat it.

There is even another major benefit to eating a high protein  intake while doing a weight loss plan.

Good protein intake improves mental health. Protein is made of amino acids, which help balance neurotransmitters. Healthy neurotransmitter levels are critical to optimal mental health. When you eat protein, you can experience a more balanced, healthier brain as a result of the boost in amino acid intake. This helps boost moods, helps you think more clearly, you’ll sleep better, and it helps prevent depression and anxiety.

This is why there are protein shakes incorporated, every day, into the 28-Day Slim Down plan. We have found high protein intake important for good slim down results. 

But sometimes, it’s just hard to get started. Right? 

There are cupcakes in the breakroom.

You have a date with your husband tonight and he’s taking you to your favorite place with your favorite dish. By the way, it’s not super healthy, but it’s a special event. So, you have to, right? 

You have unhealthy foods in your pantry and you just don’t want to throw them out. That would be wasteful, right?

We can all make excuses, but if you know how to eat right, then getting started is only a matter of committing to the importance of shifting onto a healthier eating program. Eating healthier may not be easy or as natural if you only do it for superficial reasons. You get motivated in the morning, and then by evening your willpower may be lower. The key to making important changes in your eating plan is to recognize how much it affects your health. While it may motivate us in the beginning, ultimately this is not just about looking great in an outfit. This is about living a long, healthy life. 

Here are a few things to consider about how food affects us: 

  • What you eat can increase your risk of cancer. You can die of cancer. Hundreds of thousands of people die from it annually. If you are eating too many carbs, too many convenience foods with dyes and preservatives, or even just not enough organic vegetables, you could be heading down a scary road. Cancer risk definitely increases when you aren’t eating healthy. 
  • What you eat can increase your risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans. Every year it kills more men and women than diabetes or cancer.  People are literally dying of nutritional deficiencies in a country of complete abundance. We just aren’t eating the right foods. Too many drive-throughs. Not enough chopping boards in the family kitchen. We are in a hurry, and not cooking at home.
  • Lastly, what you eat determines your mental health. Are you trying to avoid going…crazy? When you aren’t eating healthy, daily stress can make you feel like you are. Anxiety, depression and memory problems are all intensely related to nutrition status. When we eat healthy, we feel great. When we eat junk, we may feel sad, achy, depressed, and unsure of the future.

It is encouraging to keep in mind that it only takes one day of healthy eating to help us feel more positive and confident. 

Perhaps all you need to do, just for starters, is increase protein intake with one healthy protein shake per day. This will immediately increase your nutrition status and make you feel less hungry for the unhealthy food. It’s a small step, but it could be an important step if it gets you back on track. 

If you are really ready to commit to a complete program for weight loss, then go ahead and order the 28-Day Slim Down Kit  It comes with the Pure Pea Protein Powder as well as recipes for protein shakes. Increasing protein intake will help you feel fuller, burn more fat, and have a happier brain. Sounds perfect, right? It just might be. Go ahead and order today before the kits run out!