You probably know that eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are essential, but even if you eat well, you could still be missing key supplements to help you feel your best.  Check out Dr. Hotze's top 6 nutrients for men and see how you stack up.

Top 6 Nutrients for Men's Health

1. Dr. Hotze's Energy Formula is the ultimate multi-vitamin that provides more than 27 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  It improves energy production, offers cardiovascular and immune support, and helps to decrease stress levels and improve moods.  Energy Formula has the added benefit of being free of those artificial fillers and preservatives that you often find in other multi-vitamins on the market.

2. Nordic Naturals ProOmega is a pharmaceutical grade fish oil that provides double-strength omega-3 fatty acids and is free of heavy metals and impurities. It has been clinically proven to support cardiovascular health and respiratory function.  It improves joint flexibility and mobility, and supports the body's natural anti-inflammatory response.

3. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps with allergies, skin health, immune function, detoxification and heart health.  It helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and helps promote blood vessel and arterial health.  Vitamin C also supports the adrenal glands, thereby reducing chronic stress and adrenal fatigue.

4. Vitamin D provides cardiovascular support, may improve moods, helps to protect the central nervous system, offers improved immune function and supports optimal bone health.

5. Magnesium is essential for just about every function in the human body.  Magnesium deficiencies can severely interfere with nerve and muscle impulses, which is the root cause of many cardiovascular problems, such as arrhythmia, hypertension and sudden cardiac arrest.  It may relieve stress and anxiety, thereby enhancing moods. It relieves muscle tension and promotes a restful night's sleep. Magnesium also strengthens your bones.

6. Dr. Hotze's ProstatePro was designed to support all aspects of optimal prostate function.  It may improve urinary symptoms, such as frequent and/or painful urination.  It decreases the urge to urinate at night, thereby improving sleep. It strengthens urinary flow and aids in bladder emptying.  It is important that you are always supporting the health of your prostate so that you can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer or any other prostate-related health issues.

My HotzePak Men's Basics Plus Prostate Pro

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