In today’s world, 66% of the American population is overweight or obese. Fatigue is the number one complaint that doctors see in their offices. The three biggest chronic illnesses affecting our nation are heart disease, cancer and diabetes. There are several common physiological themes driving the development of these diseases, including:

• Blood Sugar
• Stress
• Antioxidant Status

Quickly digested high glycemic foods that drain your nutrient and antioxidant supply along with a high daily stress response that also increases blood sugar is today’s recipe for developing these three modern diseases. Chronically high blood sugar thickens the blood making it more difficult to pump, damages organs such as the heart and promotes abnormal cell growth in cancer. Optimizing your blood sugar is also key for healthy weight loss and having steady energy all day.

In ancient times, if a human saw a tiger and sensed danger, stress hormones would rise and raise blood sugar to deliver the needed energy to run. Today, we sit in front of a computer or in traffic while our stress triggers glucose release but ends up getting stored as fat because we did not burn it. Over time, the cells wear out and the insulin receptors become damaged from exposure to so much sugar. This is when pre-diabetes and diabetes began to become apparent. Even before that, we start to notice weight gain or the elevated blood pressure.

The best blood sugar protection plan involves a clean diet filled with natural, colorful foods, a daily exercise plan (even if this is just a short walk a day) and the right supplements to promote better blood sugar management.

Cinnamon is one of the most powerful antioxidant herbs on the planet. Several studies have established that a therapeutic dose of cinnamon works more effectively for blood sugar than actual pharmaceuticals.1 As with any supplement, the form is important. Cinnamon Ultra contains the active water-soluble compound from cinnamon called Cinnulin PF™, which is better absorbed.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is another antioxidant that has dozens of studies showing its effectiveness for improving insulin response, lowering lipids and even promoting weight loss. 2,3

Chromium is a commonly deficient mineral because of the poor quality of today’s soil. It plays a crucial role for insulin to attach to the glucose molecule and bring it into the cell to make energy. A good starting dose is 200 mg but for those with escalating blood sugar numbers, 400 mg to 1000 mg is better.

Remember, that controlling your blood sugar will enable you to burn fat more rapidly and prevent muscle loss. Blood sugar is also the main currency for energy production. With the right support, you will not be having the classic “after lunch slump” or need extra caffeine to get through the day.

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