Are you struggling with weight loss? Do you want to improve your gastrointestinal health? Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. We have great news!  Hotze Vitamins is happy to announce that we now offer Nutrition Consult Programs! These programs make it easy to target either gut restoration or weight loss with the help of Hotze-trained nutrition and vitamin experts. Working with a nutritionist has many benefits. We are excited about the new level of health you and your family can look forward to with these programs.

The Gut Repair Program promotes optimal health through the Hotze Optimal Eating Plan and supplements to promote gut health. Optimal gut health improves energy levels, digestion and nutrient absorption. It also reduces sugar cravings, brain fog, gas, bloating and heartburn.

The Gut Health Program includes:

  • 30-minute consult with an Expert Nutritionist
  • Hotze Optimal Eating Program Cookbook
  • Yeast-Free package: Yeast Free Starter Kit and Neutra-Tabs
  • Follow Up: Monthly check-ins with an Expert Nutritionist

The Slim Down Program features the Slim Down Kit and was designed to support you in your weight management journey. It provides the nutrients and guidance needed to support a successful weight loss plan. 

The Slim Down Program includes:

  • 30-minute consult with an Expert Nutritionist 
  • Vitamin Package: 28-Day Slim Down Kit
  • Follow Up: Weekly accountability check-ins with an Expert Nutritionist

If you aren’t sure how a nutritionist can help, or why you should work with one, here are a few benefits! 

8 Benefits of Working with a Nutritionist

1. Support and encouragement. Our nutritionists are excited to help you achieve your goals and look forward to giving you support and encouragement along the way. This support and encouragement makes a huge difference to help you stay positive and on the right track. 

2. Benefit from expert nutrition advice. Nutritionists love healthy foods. They love learning about nutrient benefits and nutrition tips. On any given weekend, they are reading more on the subject or trying out a new product. You can benefit from their love of all things healthy and natural, and learn which vitamins and foods are healthiest for you and why.

3. Learn how to make healthy foods. Nutritionists typically keep a file or lists of links to healthy recipes. They know which foods are the healthiest, and after talking to you for a bit, they probably have a few recipes to send you that would be especially healthy for you. The Nutrition Experts at Hotze Vitamins actually have a cookbook they can share with you as part of the Gut Health Program, and they can also share with you recipes from our blog.

4. Get help with a customized eating plan. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to eat and when, and it takes some time to plan it out.  Working with a nutritionist gives you lots of healthy food ideas, and they can help you decide what to eat and when.

5. Learn to manage emotions that lead to crashing and burning. Most people have some sort of negative eating patterns that an expert nutritionist can help identify and eliminate. Nutritionists are not just vitamin and food experts, they are also counselors. They know how to listen, empathize, and help you through the negative emotions that can cause bad nutrition decisions.

6. Break through roadblocks. One of our nutritionists favorite things to do is help you solve your nutrition roadblocks! Can’t have soda, but you really want it? Try Zevia soda with all-natural sweetener. Like baking muffins? Here’s a special Yeast-free recipe that will work great! Issues with cravings? Try taking the supplement 5-HTP.

7. Create a relationship with a professional. Nutritionists care about your health and will patiently explain why good food choices are so important. Good relationships can inspire good eating decisions and promote a lifetime of positive eating habits.

8. Improved results. Working with a well-educated and experienced nutritionist can improve your results and help you achieve your goals. Nutritionists have been there, done that. Most nutritionists have their own stories of how they got healthy and well through vitamins and food. They have also counseled hundreds of people, just like you. They are excited to help you achieve clarity on goals and support you as you achieve them.

So there you are. We’ve given you 8 reasons to work with a nutritionist, and two program options to help you get started. Gut health and weight loss are two elements of health that can be confusing and frustrating without the right support and direction. These packages can help make either health goal a refreshing and positive experience! If you would like to ask questions or schedule a consultation with one of our expert nutritionists, give us a call today at 800-579-6545.