by Leigh Ann Thomas, Certified Personal Trainer

We all know time is our most valuable asset. We don’t have a lot of it, so it’s important to know how to plan accordingly. Such is true when it comes to the science of post-workout nutrition. In addition to timing your post-workout meals, what you include in that meal is equally important if you want to achieve results.        

After you complete a workout, your body needs to recover. Just like a car, when you run out of gas, it’s time to refuel. There is a 30-60 minute window where your muscles are most susceptible to absorbing amino acids and carbohydrates than any other time in order to heal. Due to the process of building new muscle, your recent workout causes micro-trauma and tears to the muscle, which allows it to rebuild, grow and adapt to the demands of the exercises. Therefore, replenishing your body with the nutrition it needs to develop muscle is most beneficial in that 30-60 minutes post-exercise. With that being said, some may not be able to tolerate a full meal or have the convenience to eat if you’re on the run. Supplementing with a high quality, clean protein drink is usually the best option for fast, easy consumption post-workout.

Whether you’re a vegetarian veteran or a carnivore looking to cut back on animal products, there are several plant-based protein options to choose from. Pure Pea Protein Powder is one of our favorites and is all the rage when it comes to a clean, vegan protein powder and here’s why:

Super Clean Formula:

  • Pure Pea Protein Powder is non-GMO, pure isolate formula with 20 grams of protein per serving, zero sugar, 3 grams of carbohydrates, 110 calories and is high in calcium and iron, as well as vitamins A, D, E and K.  
  • Zero Cholesterol - When compared to whey protein formulas, pea protein has no added cholesterol, whereas whey formulas contain close to 50 mg of dietary cholesterol. Our bodies naturally produce cholesterol; therefore any excess we consume through our diet can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Hypoallergenic - If you have gluten, soy or dairy allergies, this is the best protein option for you. Our Pure Pea Protein Powder is also much easier to digest and is gentle on the stomach, preventing bloating and gas.

Lose Weight and Build Lean Muscle:

  • Excellent Amino Acid ProfilePure Pea Protein Powder is loaded with BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) which are the essential building blocks of protein. High levels of L-arginine, leucine and lysine aid in muscle development and repair, improving athletic performance, increasing libido and promoting fat loss.
  • Weight Loss – Consuming protein is essential for building muscle, which also helps burn fat and speed up your metabolism. A protein-rich meal will also keep you satiated longer between meals. Staying fuller longer decreases the chances of snacking or overeating at your next meal because of hunger. Replacing a meal or two with a protein shake every day may increase your chances of losing weight when combined with exercise. This will help ensure you are maintaining a clean diet full of plant-based nutrition, vitamins and minerals.
  • Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels - Pea protein is low-glycemic, which means it will not spike insulin levels when consumed. Due to the clean ingredients, blood glucose levels will remain low and stabilized until your next meal. 

Convenience and Variety:

  • Fast and Easy – Drinking a protein shake immediately after a workout is fast and convenient; all you need is water. Keep the protein in a shaker cup until you’re ready to drink it and simply add water or your favorite milk alternative (think: almond or coconut milk).
  • Variety – Our Pure Pea Protein Powder formula comes in two different flavors; chocolate and vanilla.  Each flavor offers a wide variety of recipe options and unique possibilities. Even baked goods can be healthier by adding protein to the ingredients list! You can also sprinkle in Pure Pea Protein Powder to yogurt or oatmeal for an added serving of protein!

If you are a meat lover, then I highly suggest supplementing with a plant-based protein powder, such as Pure Pea Protein Powder, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Moreover, pea protein supports healthy liver and kidney function and is high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Eating more plant-based foods helps restore balance and re-establish an alkaline pH, so your body can thrive and function at optimal levels.

Here is my favorite go-to breakfast smoothie to start off my day which provides all the necessary nutrition I need first thing in the morning:

Blend in a high-powered blender and serve. The smoothie will be cold from the frozen banana, so there’s no need to add ice. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment with your favorite Pure Pea Protein Powder smoothie recipe!