School bells are (almost) ringing, which means it's time to meet teachers, stock up on school supplies and hit the stores for back-to-school shopping. More so than that, it's also time to beef up your child or grandchild's immune system because back-to-school also means "back-to-germs." With a sick kiddo comes days missed at school, make-up work for your child and days off from work for you, too, and who wants that?

The most important thing you can do for your children this school year is to fuel their little bodies with healthy, natural foods, clean water and proper nutritional support. 

While it may be easy to stick a sandwich and chips in your kiddo's lunchbox every day, you may want to reconsider, because when it comes to food, a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and a healthy balance of protein, fats, fiber and complex carbohydrates is essential for a growing child. Simple carbohydrates like bread, white rice and potatoes could be actually hindering your child's ability to stay focused and alert throughout the school year.

It's also important to always stick to organic foods when possible. The fewer chemicals, pesticides and preservatives your child is exposed to, the better. Introduce them to as many colorful fruits and vegetables at an early age as you can so that they learn to love good nutrition.

Though a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables can set the pace for a healthy school year, it's important to remember that our kids aren't getting the same nutrition from food anymore, and therefore, supplementing their diet with key nutrients can help them have a happy, healthy school year.

The foundation of your child's vitamin routine should begin with a multivitamin, such as Nutri-Kids. This great-tasting, chewable multivitamin is chock-full of nutrients your kiddo is craving during a busy school year. Providing important antioxidants, a full B-complex, vitamin D and choline, a neurotransmitter vital for nerve function, Nutri-Kids helps keep your child alert, focused and able to concentrate on their work. It also includes many nutrients to support bone, brain and heart health, and the best part? It is 100% sugar-free. That's right; no sugar-coating, no artificial sweeteners, Nutri-Kids is one of the most complete children's multivitamins on the market and is solely sweetened with stevia and xylitol. Not to mention, it's free of yeast, gluten, soy, dairy, corn, preservatives and artificial coloring and flavoring. What more could you ask for in a kid's multivitamin?

Another vital nutrient your child needs is fish oil. These omega-3 fatty acids are usually lacking in the standard American diet, yet they are an integral part of your child's health. A high-quality children's fish oil not only helps reduce the risk of developing ADD and ADHD, but it also helps to lower inflammation throughout the body, easing allergies, and is crucial for brain development. 

Finally, probiotics are beneficial bacteria that we need to ensure that we digest and eliminate our food properly. In children, they can help relieve stomach discomfort and constipation, too. It's been said that much of our immune function lies in our gut, which means that probiotics are also incredibly beneficial to your child's immune system and fighting allergies. 

The sooner you get your kiddos on a natural path of wellness, the sooner they'll become accustomed to taking vitamins and the healthier they will be in the long run. And remember, whether she's 3 or 13, it's never too early to teach healthy nutrition.