You've made it to the end of another week! If you're anything like us, sometimes you tend to slack off a little on the weekends when it comes to your healthy lifestyle. And that's ok! We all need a break from time to time. That being said, keeping up with a clean diet and an exercise routine is and always will be key to leading a happy, healthy and meaningful life. 

Here are 7 ways you can enjoy a healthy weekend:

  1. Workout in the mornings. Before you head out for the day, lace up your running shoes and do something active. It can be a quick walk with the dog, a trip to the gym or a run through the park. Just do something!
  2. a healthy way! Treat yourself to a fresh-squeezed juice at lunch, pick up some new workout gear, grab a quick massage or invest in a new gym membership. You've worked hard all week long and deserve to reward yourself!
  3. Eat like you do on the weekdays. Monday through Friday we meal prep, eat well and exercise daily and then the weekend comes and we want to forget about it all. This weekend, make it a goal to stick to your healthy weekday routine and see how much better you feel on Monday morning. You can almost guarantee you'll feel much better about yourself knowing that you didn't splurge on that piece of pie at brunch or that glass of wine at dinner on Saturday night.
  4. Schedule some time to relax. The weekends were designed to take a break from the fast-paced work, school and social world and spend time relaxing. Whether you prefer to sleep in or snuggle up on the couch for an afternoon nap, make sure you take some time out of your weekend to slow down and enjoy a little R&R.
  5. Prepare for the week ahead. One that that always sets the tone for a good week is knowing you have everything ready to go. Stock up on fresh groceries, wash all your fruits and veggies, plan your meals and pick up the house. Just these simple tips help get your week off to a great start.
  6. Get outside. There's nothing like some good ol' natural vitamin D to make your weekend better. Go for a family walk, tend to your flower beds or wash your car. Any time you can be outside, go for it! (Did someone say 'lunch on the patio'?!)
  7. Don't go hungry to a party. Our weekends are filled with social events, like showers, weddings, parties, church groups and so on. Before heading out, grab a filling snack, like an apple with almond butter, fresh veggies with hummus or a PaleoBar. Having something in your stomach before you leave will leave you less likely to splurge when you get to your event.

How will you stay on track this weekend? Let us know by leaving a comment below!