Are you frustated because you almost always choose vegetables over starches and fruit over sweets, but you're still not seeing the scale budge? It's time to take another look at your seemingly healthy habits and find out what could be causing your waistline to grow.

Here are 6 foods that could be making you gain weight:

  1. Granola and trail mix. A somewhat healthy mix of dried fruit and nuts that gives you the crunch you're missing, right? Wrong. Granola and trail mix is loaded with sugar. Plus, because it's so easy to eat straight from the bag, it's also easy to overeat. Opt for raw, healthy nuts instead, and portion them out so that you're not tempted to eat more than a serving size.
  2. Gluten-free breads. If you're gluten-intolerant then it's essential that you stay far away from grains and gluten. Even if you don't have a grain allergy it can be easy to reach for the gluten-free options. But just because a food item is deemed "gluten-free" doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy. Most gluten-free foods are packaged, processed, include high amounts of sugars and are loaded with grain replacements, such as brown rice flour and cornstarch. These types of ingredients are calorie-dense and therefore, could be adding inches to your waistline.
  3. Dried fruit. Figs, cherries, cranberries, raisins, pineapples and bananas...all seem to be "healthy" since they're still a fruit but when these fruits are dehydrated, they lose a lot of their sweetness, causing food manufacturers to add sugar back to them. Not to mention, it's easy to plow through an entire bag without even realizing it. Go for fresh fruits that are lower in sugar, such as berries, apples and citrus fruits.
  4. Nutrition waters. You know the kind...flavored waters that claim to be loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. However, some of these bottled beverages are nothing short of unhealthy. Promising to give you a burst of energy and help you focus better at work, some nutrition waters contain more than 30 grams of sugar, defeating the purpose of drinking them in the first place. Get your most important nutrients from your food and supplements, and stay hydrated with pure water. 
  5. Flavored Greek yogurt. Sure, Greek yogurt can be a little tart, making it easy to reach for a flavored version but the sugar load that comes with tempting flavors like Vanilla Latte and Dulce de Leche are not helping improve your weight loss. You're better off sticking with plain Greek yogurt and adding your own fresh berries and Stevia.
  6. Wraps. A spinach tortilla seems like a much better option that white bread, doesn't it? Think again. Tortillas of any kind are still tortillas, meaning they are chock full of flour, unhealthy fats and yeast. If you want to shed the pounds, it is crucial that you not only stay away from any type of bread product, even tortillas, but also anything that contains yeast. Instead of bread, wrap your sandwich in fresh lettuce leaves and stuff it full of fresh veggies. You'll not only feel satisfied, but you'll feel much less bloated, too.

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