With allergy season in full swing, you are going to need everything you can to both prevent allergic reactions and also relieve them. And before you run off to your local drug store and stock up on every antihistamine under the stars and moon, we'd like to share one of our in-house favorites: colostrum.

Also know as "nature's perfect first food," colostrum provides the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to build immune systems in babies and in adults. 

Colostrum contains proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), also known as colostrinin, which is a powerful immune modulator that can help tone down the overactive immune response that leads to allergies. It also contains a variety of antibodies directed against allergens.

If you are wishing to simply prevent allergies this season, you may enjoy adding colostrum powder to your morning smoothie or even just a glass of almond milk. If you feel the sudden onset of an allergic reaction (whether food, airborne or even an insect bite), you can supplement further with colostrum capsules.

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