Did you know that you are exposed to more than 200 toxins before you even leave your house each morning? It's true. From the water you use to make your coffee and to the pesticides sprayed on your coffee beans to the soap you use in the shower and the lotion you lather on afterwards, we expose ourselves to hundreds, if not thousands, of toxins every single day. Because we are so constantly exposed to these dangerous chemicals, it's important to know what the signs of toxicity are.

Here are the top 5 red flags of toxicity:

  1. Fatigue: The brain is the number one organ affected by environmental toxins. Mental fatigue, also known as "brain fog," is actually a chemical fog that dissipates when the brain is relieved of its toxic burden. Mental clarity is often the first thing you notice when your supplement regimen consists of powerful antioxidants to help fight off harmful toxins.
  2. Weight gain or difficulty losing weight: Your liver breaks down the fat cells that trap toxins in your body. If it's too gummed up with toxins, or isn't getting adequate protein and enzyme support, your liver will not burn fat properly. Diet and exercise cannot fight the battle alone. Detoxing your cells helps to open up your pathways to fat metabolism and enable a healthy weight.
  3. Acne & other skin problems: Inflammation is the body's response to foreign chemicals and intruders. The skin is our largest organ and absorbs the toxins we touch. Many daily routines, like skin creams and lotions, may be adding toxins directly to your skin and worsening skin conditions. A clean and healthy inside, free of toxins, restores radiance and healthy skin tone on the outside. Inner wellness, it turns out, truly does create outer beauty.
  4. Red eyes & allergies: A body that is overburdened with toxins will react in confusion and do its best to fight contaminants that are not eliminated by the proper liver pathways. Clear eyes and fewer allergies of all kinds are achieved when the body is properly detoxed.
  5. Hormone deficiencies: The plastics and chemicals that make our lives so convenient actually contain substances that mimic all hormones. This can have devastating health consequences. Women and men are experiencing more hormone problems than ever before and toxins are to blame. A proper detox program balances hormones and may ease PMS, low testosterone and low progesterone, as well as improve fertility.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? If so, a simple 2-week detox program could be your solution. Learn more about the 14-Day Detox Program here.