Did you know that the health of your gut determines the overall health of your entire body? It's true.

Your gut, or stomach, controls not only your weight, but also your mood and your long-term health. It's responsible for total nutrient absorption, detoxification, and immune health, which are also key aspects of your well-being. In fact, researchers believe the balance of bacteria in your gut plays a role in about 70% of our total immune system function.

Because the gut plays such a crucial role in so many key parts of our health, it's essential that you take care of your gut so that it, in turn, can take care of you. Below are the top-ranking supplements that may help improve the function of your gut:

  1. Probiotics. This combination of healthy bacteria have a profound effect on not just your gastrointestinal health, but your overall health, as well. They are used to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract, as well as keep it balanced and functioning optimally. These healthy bacteria can also stop nearly any digestive issue, such as gas, bloating, consipation and indigestion. Look for a probiotic that contains a blend of bacterial strains, such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Longum and Bifidobacterium Bifidum. 
  2. Colostrum. Known as "nature's perfect food", colostrum provides the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Colostrum also helps to eliminate toxins from the gut while also providing a balancing effect on the immune system, which helps to repair intestinal problems, such as leaky gut syndrome.
  3. Fiber. Almost as important as probiotic, fiber ranks extremely high on the list of supplements for gut health because without fiber, probiotics cannot survive. How so? Because prebiotics are the food that keeps probiotics bacteria alive in your gut. High fiber foods, such as flaxseeds, fruits and vegetables, are instrumental in supporting gut health.
  4. Betaine Plus. Containing hydrochloric acid and pepsin, Betaine Plus is one supplement you cannot live without, especially if you suffer from leaky gut syndrome or have a sensitive stomach. Hydrochloric acid is the main acid in the stomach and it's used to break down protein so that it can be digested before it enters your intestines. Without sufficient hydrochloric acid, protein from food is unable to break down properly, causing leaky gut, GERD and heartburn.

Bottom line: If you take care of your gut, it will always take care of you.

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