The plan is set: hit the gym three to four times a week, complete 30 minutes of cardio followed by targeting one major muscle group each day.

Then, life happens and you're only able to exercise two times in a week, or you make it to the gym but don't have a full hour to put in.

Your intentions were good, but like many of us, busy lifestyles and hectic schedules get in the way, leaving exercise to the wayside. The good news is there's a backup plan for days where an hour-long gym session isn't in the cards.

The solution: total body workouts.

That's right. Quick, but effective, exercise plans that work every core muscle group in your body. If you've never participated in a full body exercise plan, you're in a for a treat because not only do they take up less time, but they leave your core muscle groups burning, in the best way possible. 

Here are 3 huge benefits of following a total body exercise plan:

    1. Burn more calories. Working out every core muscle group in your body in a single day burns more calories than just focusing on one group of muscles, like your arms. Plus, when you perform compound exercises, such as lunges, you're using multiple groups of muscles, burning more calories throughout more groups of muscles.
    2. Tone. When you complete full body exercises multiple times per week, you're able to focus on two to three muscle groups, rather than just one group at a time. By doing this, you're exposing multiple muscles to multiple exercises each week, increasing your ability to tone up every muscle group instead of just one or two.
    3. Increase strength. Whether you want to build muscle or strengthen your core muscle groups, full body exercise routines help you gain strength all over. Are you looking for a quick, but effective, full body exercise plan? Click the button below to download your 15-Minute Full Body Blast!