Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body. It's also one of the most easily depleted, which makes it one of the most important minerals to supplement with. That being said, there are nine common forms of magnesium to take as a dietary supplement. Nine! That's a lot. And that's a whole lot to be confused about. 

You have:

  1. Magnesium oxide
  2. Magnesium citrate
  3. Magnesium orotate
  4. Magnesium chloride
  5. Magnesium lactate
  6. Magnesium sulfate
  7. Magnesium carbonate
  8. Magnesium malate
  9. Magnesium glycinate

Everyday processes, such as muscle function, a steady heartbeat, optimal nerve function, and detoxification are just a few key roles magnesium plays a part in. One of the most important jobs magnesium keeps is that of regulating healthy blood pressure levels, which is key for optimal cardiovascular health.

While each form of magnesium serves its own purpose, after much research, the two most superior forms of magnesium are magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate, and each for their own reason.

Magnesium citrate is one of the forms with the highest bioavailability, at 90%, which means that it is easily assimilated by the digestive system and used for maximum health benefits. In addition to offering heart health benefits and aiding in optimal nerve and muscle function, magnesium citrate is commonly used to help induce a bowel movement, encourage bowel regularity and has been studied for its ability to reduce the chances of developing kidney stones. Magnesium citrate is available in tablet form, however, is also offered in a liquid form and is great for kids, too!

Magnesium glycinate offers the same heart, nerve and muscle health benefits of magnesium citrate, however, for those who are sensitive to magnesium citrate and it's bowel regularity properties, magnesium glycinate is a better solution.

While most consider magnesium in pill form only, there are other forms of magnesium that are available and offer different health benefits. 

Transdermal Magnesium is a topical magnesium gel that is used externally, versus being ingested orally. Rubbed directly on the affected area, Transdermal Magnesium can offer almost immediate relief for many symptoms, such as dry skin, muscle aches and cramps, migraine headaches, tension and stress. 

Bottom line: magnesium is crucial for some of the most key elements to leading a healthy life, such as muscle function, nerve health, heart health, and detoxification. For this simple reason, a high-quality, bioavailable form of magnesium should be a part of your vitamin regimen.

Order your desired form of magnesium today, or add it to your custom vitamin pak!